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Along for the Ride: iPod cases toughen up

By on January 1, 2008

Got an iPod or iPhone? When you travel for a living, it’s great to have your whole music collection in one small package. But the road can be tough on those little machines. XtremeMac’s new line of silicone cases offers sleek design and tough protection to keep your portable music player or phone going for miles.

TuffWrap Plus cases, ranging from $19.95 to $29.95, wrap your Apple music player or phone in a translucent silicone sheath with side ridges for a sure grip. Models are available for the new iPod Touch, Nano G3 and iPhone lines, as well as the iPod Classic MP3 player.

Full-size cases feature a removable belt clip that converts into a stand for easy viewing of videos. The Nano version has a removable hard plastic screen protector and clip to attach your machine to a belt or pack. All cases include built-in protection for switches and the dock connector and are certified by Apple.

XtremeMac cases come with TuffShield scratch-resistant film that sticks directly to the screen and click wheel and can be used with or without the case. TuffShield can also be bought separately in a three pack for $14.95, including cleaning cloth. Look for XtremeMac products at retailers nationwide, or order them from

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