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Outstanding truckers recognized: 2013-2014

By on September 4, 2013

America’s Road Team 2013-2014

These elite drivers are chosen to represent the truck industry in events focused on highway safety. The drivers named as America’s Road Team Captains must be experienced, professional, safe drivers.

The 2013-2014 Captains: Don Biggerstaff, ABF Freight System; John Borman, Koch Trucking; Byron Bramwell, YRC Freight; Ted Carlson, FedEx Freight; Donald Conklin, YRC Freight; Herschel Evans, Holland, Inc.; Jeffrey Halford, Con-way Freight; Loren Hatfield, ABF Freight System; Stephanie Klang, Con-way Truckload; John Lex, Walmart Transportation; Don Logan, FedEx Freight; Rod Miles, Con-way Freight; Thomas Miller, Prime, Inc.; Otto Schmeckenbecher, ABF Freight System; Todd Stine, Carbon Express; Clarence “Eddie” Weeks, AAA Cooper; Nathan Wick, UPS Freight; Dale Williams, Trimac Transportation; and Bryan Wold, Con-way Freight

Goodyear Highway Hero

Driver-Salute-1This annual award honors truckers who selflessly risk danger to themselves in order to help others on the road.

The 2013 winner, former paramedic Jason Harte, saw a pickup truck push a minivan off the road and into another car. He walked over to the minivan and saw a couple with a baby and three small children, trapped in the wreckage. He pulled them out and tended to their injuries until help arrived.

Other finalists:
Christopher Burgess, independent driver
Chad Dickey, Tony’s Transfer
David Williams, Schneider National

Highway Angels

The Truckload Carriers Association’s year-round program salutes drivers who go out of their way to help others in need on the road. It recognizes all kinds of good deeds, from helping stranded motorists all the way to life-saving heroics.

Recognized Drivers:
Ronnie Milner, ABF Freight System Mark Randall, Werner Enterprises
Robert Woolf, Con-way Truckload
John Lilley, Bison Transport
Brandon Walker, Dart Transit
Calvin White, G&P Trucking
Harry Cogswell, Pitt Ohio
Bernard Poeppelman, ABF Freight System
Adam Phillips, Ruan Transportation
Carl and Eva Marshall, Marshall Trucking
Donald Mackin, ABF Freight System

Driver-Salute-2A professional driver since 1988, John Atzenhofer has been named a Highway Angel twice in the past two years. Last year, he performed CPR on a man who was having a heart attack at a truckstop. In June, he saw a passenger car flip on I-40 in New Mexico. Other vehicles whizzed by, but Atzenhofer stopped his truck, called 911 and then went to investigate. He found the driver unconscious, and stayed by the car until an emergency response team came on the scene.

Driver-Salute-4In 40 years of driving, Shelly York had seen a lot. So when he saw something fall out of a pickup truck, that was nothing especially new. Until he realized that the “debris” was actually a child. A nine-year-old boy had run behind the truck and attempted to jump on, fell and hit his head on the road. York hurried to keep other vehicles away from the boy. He put on his flashers, and used his truck to shield the young boy from oncoming traffic. Then, he stepped into the next lane to wave other vehicles away from the area until emergency responders arrived.


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  1. Harry Kowalchyk

    October 10, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    Great tribute to Americas Road Team, How about something for the top 10 Rookies and the Rookie of the year. Event was in Dallas at the truck show.

  2. Linda

    October 11, 2013 at 3:14 am

    I really enjoy reading the stories about fellow drivers. Many of the magazines carry info about the Road Team Captains which I enjoy BUT I sure would like to read about some of the events they attend and about their speeches.

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