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Operation Refresh

By on January 1, 2008

What would you do with $125 million? For TA, the answer was simple. Last May, the company launched Operation Refresh, a multimillion dollar renovation project at locations nationwide. Now, more than six months later, many locations have already undergone major makeovers. Some have a fresh coat of paint and improved lighting to provide a more welcoming environment. Others have new, expanded parking lots and new diesel pumps to make drivers’ everyday work more convenient. Many have new, modern restrooms and showers to better serve drivers’ needs on the road.

More than 300 projects have already been completed at a number of locations, including the spots you see on these pages: Antioch, Tenn., Toledo, Ohio, and Harborcreek, Pa.

Many more are under construction as you read this. Stop by your favorite TA and see what’s new!

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