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Thanks a Million

By on March 1, 2008

Michael Cobin had barely started crawling when he first discovered a love for trucks. “When I was a year old I got my first semi toy, and that started a lifelong passion for trucks,” the U.S. Xpress driver says. “I have about 30 collectibles right now, and actually being out on the road is everything I dreamed it would be and more.”

A regular visitor to the Kingsville, Ohio TA, Cobin entered last summer’s RoadKing Club Swipestakes contest, which had a grand prize award of one million points. “My buddy and I talked about what it might be like to win,” he says. “I never thought I actually would.”

But he did. “He told me I must have golden horseshoes,” Cobin says with a laugh, admitting that he has a bit of a lucky streak. Still this was one prize that was bigger than any lottery scratch-off ticket that had come up a winner for him in the past.

In fact, all those points came at the perfect time to make Cobin’s Christmas shopping a breeze. With a wife and baby daughter at home in Logan, Ohio, while he was on the road, Cobin happily loaded up his cab with all sorts of goodies for the ladies in his life. Looking through the online catalog, Cobin also picked out a brand new surround sound system for his parents, and liked that idea so much that he ordered another for himself. He also picked up about eight movies on the road that he’s sure will sound pretty good when he gets them home.

More than 400 other members won prizes ranging from 3,500 to 100,000 points. Look for an exciting new sweepstakes later this year.

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