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By on March 1, 2017

Jump on The TMAF Bandwagon Now


In the three years since this program was launched, significant progress has been made educating federal and state legislators and the motoring public in two key areas: trucking’s importance to the economy and the industry’s safety record.

The Mission

Trucking Moves America Forward aims to establish a long-term, industry-wide movement to create a positive image for the industry, to ensure that policymakers and the public understand the importance of the trucking industry to the nation’s economy, and to build the political and grassroots support necessary to strengthen and grow the industry’s future.

What You Do

Every day, millions of trucks travel across the United States to help move America forward. Most Americans don’t realize how essential trucks and the men and women who drive them are to their daily lives, until a severe storm or other catastrophe prevents trucks from delivering. When trucks stop moving, the country stops moving. It’s that simple.

Telling the Story

The movement continues to grow and build momentum. Assisted by others, Kevin Burch, co-chairman of TMAF, president of Jet Express, Inc., and chairman of American Trucking Associations (ATA) recently provided some updated milestones as follows:

  • Each TMAF trailer wrap is viewed by 16 million people each year
  • More than 140 wrapped trailers are on the road and more are in the works
  • TMAF’s participation in the May 2016 Infrastructure Week carried the program’s advocacy message to Capitol Hill decision makers and the public
  • Facebook likes surpassed 10,000 this past summer
  • Twitter followers increased by 25% over the prior year
  • A LinkedIn page was added for sharing business and job news
  • An Instagram handle “takeover” during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week increased followers by 70% when professional driver and photographer Shannon Royce shared her pictures of beauty on the road
  • The latest videos advanced the industry’s essentialness by capturing the opinions of professionals at MATS, GATS, and NTDC
  • Public relations initiatives resulted in 66 news stories
  • During 2015 and 2016, consumer ad campaigns including full-page newspaper ads, billboards, and digital/social media ran during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
  • Increased financial contributors to more than 3,000 individuals and businesses, resulting in a 2016 budget of $1.2 million

Clearly, as people have come to know more about the industry’s seven million professionals, the image of trucking has improved dramatically, thereby influencing public opinion, and in turn, influencing public policy.

Welcome Aboard

You can purchase 53-ft. trailer wraps, tank trailer wraps, and 28-ft. pup wraps. Decals with safety messaging for back doors are only $5. Responding to a suggestion, bottom wraps that extend upward 36 in. from trailer rails along the sides and across the rear doors are on the horizon. They leave plenty of space above for the owner’s company name and/or promotional graphics. Eye-popping 3D graphics are on the distant horizon. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome at TMAF headquarters.

Spread the Word

How can you help extend the impact of the Trucking Moves America Forward movement? Simple:

  • Visit the TruckingMovesAmerica.com website and familiarize yourself with the various programs, initiatives and options for participation
  • Log onto the TMAF social media sites—share, tweet, post and send in positive stories
  • Talk TMAF up among the professional driving brotherhood and sisterhood
  • Share this story with your company’s ownership / management, let them know you’d be proud to pull a trailer wrapped in TMAF graphics
  • Make a donation to the cause
  • Become a community advocate who carries the message to governmental leaders and the public at large
  • Become a chart-topping wrapper by adding trailer wraps to one of your trailers or your entire fleet
  • Take pride in your industry and project an aura of professionalism in your everyday interactions with those you meet

Individually and collectively, you’re part of a great story that needs to be told. Please jump on the TMAF bandwagon, and help spread the word!

Wrap Lovers

Those that are investing in trailer wraps to help support the TMAF initiative include a mix of trucking firms, technical colleges and others as follows:

  • Admiral Transport Corporation
  • American Trucking Associations
  • Baylor Trucking, Inc.
  • Bill Graves
  • Brown Integrated Logistics
  • C.B. Wilson Transport & Truck Repair LLC
  • Carbon Express, Inc.
  • Cargo Transport
  • Colorado Motor Carriers Association
  • Covenant Transport
  • The Erb Group of Companies
  • Empire Truck Lines
  • Excargo Services, Inc.
  • Fox Valley Technical College (WI)
  • Garner Transportation Group
  • Georgia Motor Truck Association
  • Goggin Warehousing LLC
  • Holland / USF Holland, Inc.
  • Horizon Freight Lines, Inc.
  • Illinois Trucking Association
  • Indiana Motor Truck Association
  • John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center (WV)
  • Jet Express, Inc.
  • Jung Truck Service Inc.
  • Keller Logistics Group
  • Kenan Advantage Group, Inc.
  • K-Limited Carrier, Ltd.
  • LA Delta Community College (CA)
  • Load One, LLC
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College (WI)
  • MTC Truck Driver Training (MO)
  • National Carriers
  • New Mexico Trucking association
  • Pinellas Technical College (FL)
  • Pottle’s Transportation LLC
  • Regency Transportation, Inc.
  • R.F. Chamberland
  • Steelman Transportation
  • Texas Trucking Association
  • TCW, Inc.
  • Titan Transfer, Inc.
  • Transland, LLC
  • U.S. Legal Services, Inc.
  • Waukesha County Technical College (WI)
  • Werner Enterprises, Inc.

Holland and Load One deserve special mention for investing in 20 and 14 trailer wraps, respectively.

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