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What Would You Like to Eat?

By on May 1, 2016

Exceeding your expectations

At TA-Petro, our restaurant team tries to place themselves in your shoes, realizing you may be on the road for weeks at a time, or perhaps even months. Think how boring it would be to eat at the same restaurant every day, maybe two or three times a day, for weeks on end. When it comes to dining for OTR drivers—full-service or quick-service—success is measured by one key word: VARIETY!
When you arrive, we realize you may be in grab-n-go mode. Or you may have maxed out your service hours and have plenty of time to enjoy a selection from a wide variety of complete dinners, while your truck rests comfortably in a Reserve-It! parking space. Other drivers may fall somewhere between. Add drivers whose body clocks and meal times may be calibrated to driving at night when traffic volumes are lighter.

Ready for You

eats2A restaurant staff of more than 6,000 is up to the task of serving each individual driver according to his or her wishes. There’s no formula or cookie-cutter approach to serving your needs. Sure, The TA Country Pride and Petro Iron Skillet restaurants have some of your favorites wherever you stop, but each location has a significant degree of flexibility. If you want breakfast, it’s available 24/7/365. How about gumbo in New Orleans, or menudo in El Paso? Yes, they’re available. Seasonal, regional and even localized specialties are staples at the full-service restaurants.

Hungry for fast food? Plenty of variety is also available. Burgers, chicken, pizza, subs, tacos, World Blends® coffee, ice cream, donuts, you name it. Chances are a given TA-Petro location has what you want. All provided through branded franchises that you know and trust. While others may affiliate with just a few brands, TA-Petro provides the variety you and other professional drivers appreciate. Whether traveling east, west, north or south, the next TA-Petro location down the road rarely has any duplication compared to the one in the rearview mirror. When it comes to really fast, the new Minit Marts and travel stores and fuel buildings are known for a great variety of grab-n-go food options, from roller grill specialties to freshly prepared salads and sandwiches, and fresh fruit.
Check it out for yourself. If you haven’t clicked on the Refresh icon at the top of the TA-Petro.com home page, take a look. Drill down to the brand logos and menu options. You’re likely to see some brands and tasty delights that you didn’t know TA-Petro offered. Drivers, who want to eat healthy, perhaps on the road to losing 40 pounds, will find options at all locations to help them along their journeys. Those who have a hankering for a treat won’t be disappointed.

What the Future Holds

“When it comes to driver food preeats3ferences, ‘the times are changing’ is not an understatement,” said Mike Yager, Director of Operations.
“We’re in the business of delivering driver satisfaction with large doses of compassion and caring. We realize that what we offered yesterday may not be sufficient to please you tomorrow. We’re constantly evaluating full-service concepts, additional quick-service brands, new menu items, sources of fresh fruits, vegetables and other ingredients, cuts of meat, buffet and salad bar options, preparation techniques, and food presentation options. Listening to customer feedback, then researching, testing and evaluating options are a never-ending process for the restaurant team.

“Considering the complete universe of restaurants, not just truck stops, who goes to the same lengths catering to customers’ preferences? Who do you know that offers a complete made-to-order menu, a full buffet, a dedicated salad bar, anytime breakfast, and a whole lot more—every day? There are lots of things we do that you never see. For example, mashed potatoes are made from scratch, eggs are fresh, lettuce for salads and entrée meats are hand cut, and soups are made from scratch. Our goal is delivering an outstanding experience every time you choose to dine with us. As guests in our home, we’re focused on meeting or exceeding your expectations in the hopes that your next meal stop will be at another TA-Petro location a few hundred miles down the road.”


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