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Cardboard Heroes

By on March 1, 2008

As kids they may have collected baseball cards, but now that they’re grown some drivers collect CAT Scale Super Trucks cards.

Created by CAT Scale in 1994 to celebrate the life and work of truckers, the cards are distributed with every scale ticket. The front photo features a handsome truck, and the back profiles a professional driver. “As a company that has been so involved in the trucking industry, CAT Scale saw at the time that the Knights of the Road image of drivers was waning,” says Heather DeBaillie, marketing manager for CAT Scale. “We wanted to come up with something that spread a positive message about trucking.”

The response was overwhelming. Drivers loved the cards and gave them to their kids. Trucker Buddy called to see about getting a batch to distribute to their classrooms. Soon calls were coming in from all over about getting the cards — and about being on the cards.

Today the Series Seven Super Truck packet, a total of 60 cards from 2005-2007, is available for purchase at the CAT website (, with proceeds going to the Iowa 80 trucking museum at the Iowa 80 TA in Walcott, Iowa.

Series Eight is being handed out now at CAT Scale locations. Series Nine will begin distribution later this year, and applications to appear in Series Ten can be found on the CAT Scale website.

“The cards put a human face to the trucks that people drive alongside on the road,” says DeBaillie. “When we started out with Series One, we had a hard time finding drivers to agree to be on the cards. Now it’s seen as a badge of honor.”

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