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Trucking Couple: Why June & David got hitched

By on December 31, 2012
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June Haan, Driving 30 years • David Smith, Driving 4 years • Willow Springs, Mo.

David: I met June at C.R. England. She was already a really experienced driver but she was teaming with someone who was not up to par. We were both helping train people at the time, and then we kind of just got together. It happened quick! We just knew we were a fit.

We’ve been married and driving together for four years. It works out good for a couple because you’re both contributing to your family income and your future together. You’re with somebody you can trust, so you actually get good rest on the truck. It’s nice to be on the road well-rested and with a level of trust you have to have in the person you’re teaming with.

C.R. England has a great program for couples to develop a solid financial future, so we’re not successful just on our own. We have a lot of great people behind us.

We run all 48 states, but lately we kind of migrate to the warmer ones in the South. We have a cabin in Missouri and property in nine other states. Once you drive all 48 and get to meet the people in the area and get to know how the seasons look in all the different states, it’s hard to choose just one place you want to stop.

Part of the fun is that we get to meet a lot of people from all walks of life. It’s fun to listen to people and learn their way of doing things. For example, I always like going up to Massachusetts because they make a great clam chowder!

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June: David’s very structured and he’s a genius when it comes to numbers. I call us the “smart and small” team. He’s extremely smart and I’m extremely small.

I have these assessments — every three months I assess our relationship, and every three months he assesses our financial situation. It makes us really compatible! Even though we’re like day and night, it works.

Sometimes he gets under my skin being in a truck together for 24 hours —but then I just send him to his room!

Each driver has weaknesses and strengths. You learn each other’s weaknesses and strengths, and then it works together just like a puzzle. We have strengths in areas opposite of each other, so it makes us work better as a team.

It’s just amazing how many things we get to experience and share as a team. We put them in our memories, take pictures, and then we get to give all of that to our grandchildren.

We try to encourage other couples in the industry. In fact, we love to encourage solo drivers and couples from other companies in general. We try to help them if they ever need any help, because we know it can be tough when you’re first starting out on the road.


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  1. Montway

    January 3, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    It’s great that you found each other. The trucking job can be tough but you just need to learn how to enjoy it. Try to find good sides in everything. You get to spend all time together and see all the states in the US. Sounds kind of romantic.

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