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This driver sees the world through Google Glass

By on July 1, 2014

Rick Sare •  Bushnel, Florida •  Driving for 22 years

When i was growing up we played with GI Joes, Slinkys and Hot Wheels — there were no tech toys. Then, in high school, electronic games came out. The first time I saw that red dot on an electronic football game, it intrigued me.

I got interested in technology and after school I’d go to the local college to use their computers. I started buying every piece of technology that came out and it got into my blood.

So when I saw a YouTube video of skydivers wearing Google Glass, I said, “I want those. I need those.” It’s a wearable computer. You had to be chosen as a tester to get them, and I started writing to Google constantly. I tweeted them and sent emails letting them know that I am a truck driver and I would love to see what this technology can do for my industry.

I thought it would be incredible to have a GPS in front of me, to not need to fiddle around with a phone and to record the things I saw and did on the road with these glasses. I was chosen, and my life changed.

The very first time I put them on it was like being a kid again, having that magic of imagination and possibilities.

It’s great for exploring. I love trucking because I get to see America, and I get out to see everything I can. If I have time to kill, I just use an app called Field Trip, ask Glass what’s around me and find out about places I never would have known about. The more you use it, the more it gets to know your interests and so it suggests places that you might like. I don’t carry my phone to take pictures anymore, I just tell Glass to take a photo or a video of what I see.

As far as driving, I can’t even tell that they are on. I’m not sitting here playing games. My vision is open. If somebody calls, I say, “OK Glass, answer call.” If I get a text, Glass reads it aloud, and I can respond by speaking. If there’s an accident ahead of me, that information pops up. If I need directions, it finds the route and tells me how to get there. I don’t have to fumble with maps or GPS devices, so my eyes stay on the road.

Aside from using it for safer driving, I’m trying to work with a developer now to use it for inspections. If I can get an app downloaded onto my Glass that has my whole inspection report, I can use Glass to record as I check the oil, fan belts, tires and so on. Say a tire looks like it’s balding, I’d just say, “Glass, take a picture.” It gets put into the report, I finish the inspection and say, “Glass send to shop,” and my company gets the report immediately.

Tech like this, it’s Star Trek-ky stuff. I’ve driven more than 100,000 miles with Glass and I’m convinced that this is going to be part of the trucking industry’s future.

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