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For Father’s Day

By on May 1, 2008

Doug Donnelly contacted Road King on a whim. “I have a great story to tell,” he wrote. A conversation with his dad, Bill (above), turned to Bill’s beloved 1980 Kenworth. Hearing that the rig was close to hitting the four million mile mark, Doug wanted to know if we were interested in hearing about the truck and its driver.

Donnelly had never written about trucking before. He is the city editor of a daily newspaper, The Monroe Evening News in Michigan, and has often written about sports over the course of his career. But trucking was a huge part of his life, he explains:

“I grew up in awe of newspapers — from very early on. My love for them grew while I would travel with my dad across the country in his truck. I used to keep a log book with lists of all the newspapers that were sold at the different truckstops across I-80. That way when Dad would call home I could tell him which newspaper they sold at that truckstop and ask him to buy me one. My favorite thing to do when traveling with him was buy a newspaper at every stop and read them, every word. I’m talking when I was eight or nine years old. From coast to coast, I had newspapers from all over the country. I couldn’t get enough. The love for newspapers stuck and I did what I set out to do — write for a newspaper.”

We couldn’t imagine a more wonderful way to celebrate Father’s Day than to run this story. Read all about Bill Donnelly and his truck on page 36.

We also have an article and a David Kolman column about the increasing number of women in trucking, and how they fit in to a traditionally male industry. Attitudes are changing, but there are still some stubborn habits to be broken, as was made clear by a female driver who called in about our January/February 2008 cover story, “No Spare Tires,” about getting fit on the road. She noted that all driver references were “he” and the health statistics cited applied exclusively to men. Still, she, along with a number of other drivers, let us know that they were taking a lot of the fitness advice offered to heart, and were making lifestyle changes to get healthier. We will continue to help drivers follow that path with our regular column, “To Your Health,” written by former Navy SEAL and current personal trainer Stew Smith.

Finally, please turn to the Trucking Matters column on page 20 for a clarification on California’s anti-idling regulations. And always know that we want to hear from you — whether you want to give us a compliment, a complaint or a correction. Just email me at

– Nancy Henderson, Managing Editor


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