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Hints for gift givers: Driver goodies from $10 – $500

By on November 24, 2015

For the Entertaining Driver With a Ton of Stories from the Road

Cobra CDR 900 Professional Dash Cam with Wi-Fi

“You should’ve seen it.” An awful lot of driver’s stories end that way, but they don’t have to. This dash cam makes it easy to share recorded footage or even live stream video via the driver’s smartphone. That can be a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends, but the device can also serve as protection for truckers in case of an accident. A motion sensor triggers automatic recording while driving, and another sensor detects sudden acceleration or collisions, so that footage is captured and protected.

  TND-Tablet For the Tech-Hungry Driver Who Must Always Have the Latest Device

Rand McNally TND Tablet

Tidy up an electronics-strewn cab with this multi-purpose, truckspecific tablet. The Trip Maker function plots a route and the truck GPS gives turn-by-turn directions to the destination. There’s a dash cam, fuel manager, maintenance log, load board and document scanning. Since it’s also an Android tablet, once the business of the day is done drivers can detach it from the dashboard and use it to check email, play games, watch movies and more.

For the Driver Who Enjoys a Little Pampering


Wondergel Extreme Gel Seat Cushion

Driving a truck means sitting in a rig for hours on end, so comfort becomes something of a job requirement. The squishy, softridged Wondergel seat cushion was designed to be both comfortable and therapeutically supportive. Some people note that it takes a bit of adjustment to find that sweet spot, but once they do the cushion makes long trips a whole lot easier.

For the Driver Who Wants to Get (or stay) in Shape


RBX Shadow Boxer, Weighted Jump Rope, Chest Expand Nylon Resistance Band, Wrist Wallet and Digital Pedometer with Body Fat Monitor

Variety makes a workout fly by and prevents boredom. A collection of exercise gear will help any driver stick to a routine, and these work just as well for a beginner or a triathlete. Whether keeping track of walking, building upper body strength or getting some cardio in, each one of these pieces of equipme

nt can be used for a quick workout, or combined for an extended exercise regimen. A handy wrist wallet keeps valuables safely tucked away without interfering with the workout.

For the Driver Who Hates the Cold

Electrowarmth 12 Volt Bunk Warmer


When the temperature drops and the shivering begins, nothing feels better than a nice, warm bed. That’s the idea behind the Electrowarmth bunk warmer, which plugs into a lighter socket and sits on top of the mattress. The heat rises up, relaxing tired muscles and allowing for a good long rest.

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