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By on March 1, 2008

Some drivers write poetry to explain the lure of the open road. Some tell vivid stories of the sights they see. And a handful create music videos, then post them on for the world to see.

Roger Escuain, who posts under the name Rogertrucker, has more than 30 mini-films on the video-sharing website. They are simple but compelling — the camera focuses on the road ahead, with short detours to his driver side mirror and the view outside his passenger window. The viewer sees what he sees, truly getting a sense of how it feels to travel the highways while sitting high up in that big rig.

The videos started as a simple keepsake for the 27-year-old Canada-based driver, that he could also use to show his family and friends what he does. “It’s like taking pictures, but with video,” he says. “I love music and 70 percent of the time I’m on the road I’m listening, so part of my job when driving at night is just being my own disc jockey and putting the music with my mood.”

So a video of driving in a storm is set to the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit, “Who Will Stop The Rain?” A trip through some strange roads and scenery in Florida rolls out to Dave Dudley’s “Keep on Truckin’.” And the Eagles’ “Take It Easy” plays through a three minute video of speeding trucks, seen barreling forward in Escuain’s side mirror, then disappearing into the distance after passing him.

Escuain has a loyal fan base of fellow drivers and non-truckers enthralled with his visions of rolling down the highway. “My life is trucking and I try to get my favorite drives, like the one from Sweetgrass, Mont., to New Orleans,” Escuain says. “Going places that I’ve never been is one of the things I like most about trucking. The videos are a way to keep it as a memory.”

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