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Trucking by Association

By on March 1, 2008

You’ve heard the names, but exactly what do these trucking-related organizations do?

ATA: American Trucking Associations

Who are they?: The largest trucking association in the country, ATA lobbies federal, state and local governments on legislative and regulatory issues that affect the trucking industry. ATA also works to enhance the image of the industry, educate the public and promote safety.

How they affect drivers: ATA’s lobbying and position papers can result in changes in laws, regulations, and industry practices. Hours of Service, electronic onboard recorders and toll roads are among the issues that this group addresses.

OOIDA: Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association

Who are they?: A trade association representing owner-operators, company drivers and small fleets working to ensure a fair business climate for truckers

How they affect drivers: In addition to presenting the driver perspective to government, the organization will defend trucker rights in court and other jurisdictions, and offer group purchasing power to driver members.

CVSA: Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

Who are they?: Federal, state and Canadian provincial officials who enforce safety laws for motor carriers

How they affect drivers: You probably know CVSA best for RoadCheck, the annual summer inspection blitz, when members fan out all over the country. But the organization sets the safety standards that inspectors adhere to year-round.

TCA: Truckload Carriers Association

Who are they? The name says it all — TCA represents the interests of truckload carriers.

How they affect drivers: By educating the managers in trucking companies on recruitment efforts and driver training, working with CEOs on communicating with their drivers. TCA also works to promote a positive image of trucking and drivers.

FMSCA: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Who are they? A separate part of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation solely focused on preventing crashes, injuries and fatalities that involve large trucks and buses

How they affect drivers: This is the place where regulations are developed and enforced — think CDL program and Hazmat regulations.

Women in Trucking Association

Who are they? A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the accomplishments of women in trucking.

How they affect drivers: WIT works to make the male-dominated trucking industry more female friendly — including working with OEMs to offer cab options more ergonomically suited to smaller, female drivers, educating carriers to recruit more women and discouraging harassment over the CB.

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