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The friendly, clean, all-new TA Tekonsha

By on July 5, 2013

Smile. You’re in TA Tekonsha.

“We have a very friendly staff here,” says Tracy Wells, store and fuel general manager. “Everyone has a great sense of humor and drivers really appreciate the small-town warmth and welcome they get when they visit us.”

Yes, that even includes local folks who stop in to eat and often end up chatting over coffee with a trucker sitting nearby. It’s an atmosphere that allows anyone who walks through the doors to let go of the stresses of the day for a while, a place where people are happy to help and put you at ease.

The surroundings do their part too. The entire location was recently remodeled, so there are more services and a brighter look overall. A truck service center exists now where there was none previously. Showers and restrooms were completely redone. The parking lot has been repaved, the driver’s lounge remodeled, the store has a more open floor plan and the building was repainted.

The Country Pride restaurant’s new décor matches its name, blending patriotic and down-home country themes, including a large American flag on the wall. Broaster Chicken offers another option for hungry drivers and is proving to be a popular addition. Marinated and cooked to order in a pressure fryer that seals in the natural juices, the chicken is crispy without absorbing a lot of cooking oil, and tasty because the marinade seeps in right down to the bone.

“Our customers love the new look,” says Wells. “So does everyone here.”

Simply spotless

While the remodeling has made everything new and shiny, TA Tekonsha has always been known as one of the cleanest stops on the highway. “We have a very good porter staff, but it is really a team effort,” says Wells. Everyone here takes pride in having a clean facility for our customers.”

Local pride

Throughout the year, drivers may notice decorations from the area’s schoolchildren. At Thanksgiving, there were paper turkeys on the restaurant walls, all done by kids in the community, with a winning artist from various age groups earning a free family meal at the Country Pride.

Bring your truck here

The new four-bay truck service center is getting a lot of positive feedback. All of the truck maintenance and repair services that TA has to offer are available, from oil changes, to minor repairs, tires, special promotions and free mid-trip inspections, so every driver and their truck can be up and running. “Our service is fast and friendly, and we are a very clean facility,” says truck service center general manager Melissa Nelson.

Meet Marianne and Brenda

Marianne Fraley, a server at Country Pride, makes diners immediately feel at home. “She’s thorough, so customers never have to ask for anything twice,” says restaurant general manager Brandon Stiver. “She is also always smiling, full of fun and energy.”

Server Brenda Simpson is equally friendly. “She’s got the world’s biggest smile, and she’s a lot like Marianne as far as helping customers. Drivers will ask when her next shift is so they can be sure to route through here when she’s working.”

The Basics

TA Tekonsha, Mich.

Where: I-69, Exit 25

Phone: (517) 767-4135

Fax: (517) 767-3430

Truck Parking Spaces: 85

Showers: 6

Truck Service Bays: 4

Restaurants: Country Pride, Broaster Chicken

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