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Charm and convenience make Petro Eloy a driver destination

By on March 12, 2015

Ask restaurant general manager Bill Avery what the best thing about Petro Eloy is and he’s quick to answer: “We have an extremely attractive general manager!” he says, laughing.

That sense of fun is a signature of Petro Eloy, and while drivers may come by because of its convenient location between Phoenix and Tucson, they quickly realize they have found a home away from home.

“We hire friendly people,” says Avery, “and we try to hire good people and then we train them to do what needs to be done. We get a lot of customers who say, ‘I can’t wait to come back.’”

A little something extra

The Iron Skillet restaurant has been fully remodeled, which means a new kitchen, new booths and new décor. It even won the company’s prestigious customer service award two months in a Petro-Eloy-4row for its staff’s hospitality and “above and beyond” attitude and service. Of course, the food is good, too.

“The new breakfast skillets have been very popular,” Avery says. Skillets, for the uninitiated, are potatoes, meat and cheese, all cooked up together in a delectable stack.

“We’ve got breakfast skillets, beef and cheddar, chorizo — all different kinds. And, of course, western,” Avery says.

Petro-Eloy-1But regulars know, and new visitors discover quickly, that at dinnertime, steak is always a good choice.

“New York strip, cowboys, sirloins — we’ve got them all,” he says. “And you can’t go wrong with our famous Steerburger.”

Full stop

Petro-Eloy-6Rigs can get clean at the Blue Beacon truck wash, and their drivers can tidy up at an on-site barbershop, then relax at the driver’s lounge with DirecTV. A full-service truck service center offers experienced technicians and roadside assistance via RoadSquad. And Reserve It! parking ensures a spot is waiting at the end of a long day.

Anyone looking for a souvenir of the area can find a selection of tabletop-ready potted cactus plants, assembled in nearby Apache Junction.

Petro-Eloy-2Four-wheeler fun

When you spend a lot of time on the road, it’s almost natural to become a bit of a gearhead. So plenty of customers make a point of stopping in to check out the machines on display at the annual car show held at Petro Eloy every November.

“We get probably 50 cars,” says Avery. “We get all kinds of cars — remodeled, hydraulic. It’s quite entertaining.”

Trucking celebrities

One of the memorable moments for the staff and drivers came when some of the truckers featured on the reality TV show Ice Road Truckers stopped in. The Arizona weather and dry roads must have been a pleasant change of pace for them, and having a bit of celebrity at the location made the day a little more special for everyone.

Petro-Eloy-5People pleasers

“Helping people just becomes part of your everyday life,” says Avery. “People come in, they need your help, and you help them. Drivers come to us because they consider us a home away from home.”

Petro Eloy, Arizona

Petro-Eloy-7Where: I-10, Exit 200 at Sunland Gin Rd.
Phone: (520) 836-3983
Fax: (520) 423-2769
Truck Parking Spaces: 175
Showers: 14
Truck Service Bays: 4
Restaurant: Iron Skillet
Petro Filling Station

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