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Appearance counts at Petro Brazil

By on July 10, 2012

Litter has a short life at Petro Brazil in Indiana. Dirt and grime don’t stand a chance either.

“Our porter staff are outstanding, and each one of them takes pride in the location and in their job,” says Ryan Hotler, travel store general manager. “Our lots are the most litter-free you’ll see anywhere. We are constantly wiping down our pumps so that they are grease-free, and we keep an eye on all the trash cans so they never get to the point of overflowing.”

Though a new member of the Petro family, the Brazil truckstop has been serving I-70 travelers since the highway opened decades ago, and built a good reputation not only for cleanliness but for delivering great service. Recent renovations have brought the appearance up another notch, while also adding convenience for drivers.

There are new showers, remodeled restrooms and a refurbished laundry room. All the fuel pumps have been upgraded for faster service and drivers can get DEF at the pump. The parking lot has been repaved and the store retiled. The drivers lounge now has surround sound to enhance the viewing experience. The completely remodeled restaurant is now an Iron Skillet.

Still, Hotler says that it’s the staff who truly sparkle as they go beyond their individual job descriptions to take care of customers.

“Drivers come back for the quality of service here,” he says. “Everyone has such a positive attitude and really enjoys their work. They all make Petro Brazil an easy, comfortable place to be around.”

More food choices

The new Iron Skillet offers an expanded soup and salad bar, about twice as big as before the renovation. The hot buffet is three times as large as before. And in the evenings, delicious ham or beef is served up at a carving station.

Drivers can pick up the latest Healthy Eating brochure for tips and facts about eating healthier. There are plenty of options, marked with the StayFit logo, on the menu.

Welcome wagons

Back when Americans packed up and headed west to find their fortunes, pioneers in covered wagons stopped in Brazil to rest before picking up their long journey. In recognition of that history, and the bond to today’s long-haul truckers, five covered wagon replicas welcome visitors to the Petro Brazil.

Much appreciated

When the weather turns warm, it’s time to think about Customer Appreciation Day, and Petro Brazil loves to plan its event. Each Petro location brings their own flair to their events with cookouts, games, windshield washing and more. Keep an eye out for more Customer Appreciation days all summer.

What You’ll Find

Petro Brazil, Indiana
Where: I-70, Exit 23
Phone: (812) 446-2296
Fax: (812) 448-1440
Truck Parking Spaces: 102
Service Bays: 4
Showers: 4
Restaurants: Iron Skillet

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