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Petro North Las Vegas makes truckers feel welcome

By on September 6, 2012
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Las Vegas may be all about glitz, glam and extravagant experiences, but just 20 miles north of the strip, you’ll find a down-home truckstop that treats its customers like family.

Though its facilities and parking lots are sprawled across 22 acres of land, Petro North Las Vegas features a close-knit group of seasoned employees who always offer a warm welcome to the truckers who stop in.

“A lot of employees have been here for a long time, and they understand the expectations and what customers value,” says field manager George Jalakh. “Everyone tries their best to take care of the customer, whether it’s in their department or not.”

The site recently underwent some renovations, including a total makeover of the store. A new entrance to the convenience store from the fuel island was installed. The showers were remodeled, and drivers can enter the shower queue from the free TruckSmart mobile app, without the need to go to the UltraONE® kiosk. Patrons also have the option of stopping by the Dunkin’ Donuts on-site to satisfy a sweet tooth. It’s open seven days a week until 11 p.m.

Big screen

For movie buffs, Petro North Las Vegas features a movie theater with a flat-screen TV and theater-style seating just for drivers. Sporting events, such as the Super Bowl or NASCAR races, are also shown, and drivers can ask for DirectTV to be turned on.

“We have approximately 35 seats where drivers can sit down and enjoy a movie at their request,” says Jalakh. “Most truckstops in Las Vegas are in and out. But our theater allows drivers to sit down and relax, so that really sets us apart.”

During Driver Appreciation days, newer movies are shown on the silver screen, and the staff brings in snacks for the drivers. “They all enjoy it, just cutting up and having a good time,” says Jalakh. “We go a little bit out of our way to make it nice for them. They remember those kinds of things.”

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NASCAR fever

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is just a stone’s throw away from Petro North Las Vegas. The Speedway is home to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in March, and during that busy weekend, the Petro staff sets up a tent in their parking lot and sells official NASCAR merchandise.

Feeling at home

Appreciating drivers is a top priority for staff at Petro North Las Vegas, and it’s kept truckers coming back for more. “We have a lot of regular customers,” says Cynthia Rojas, assistant general manager at the fuel desk. “All of my cashiers have worked here for more than five years. We all get to know the drivers and call them by name. They feel welcome and at home here, and that’s why they keep coming in.”

Even if you don’t hit the strip to gamble, visitors to Petro North Las Vegas can try their luck at the location’s Alamo Casino. The game room features a variety of  slot and card game machines.

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What You’ll Find

Petro N. Las Vegas, Nev.
Where: I-15, Exit 54
Phone: (702) 632-2640
Fax: (702) 632-2645
Truck Parking Spaces: 207
Service Bays: 5
Showers: 16
Restaurants: Iron Skillet, Dunkin’ Donuts


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  1. jacob

    September 21, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Hi we were recently in your truck stop, but failed to find bed sheets to fit our volvo the 36×75 do you carry any?

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