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Petro Kingdom City has good eats and lots of treats

By on May 2, 2013

Who can resist the sweet aroma of a batch of freshly baked donuts and freshly brewed coffee? Those tantalizing scents tempt many a visitor to Petro Kingdom City since the recent addition of Dunkin’ Donuts Express.

Make that two Dunkin’ Donuts Expresses.

“We’ve got one inside the store and one at the fuel desk,” says Malinda Plybon, store general manager. “Drivers can grab a donut and a coffee when they fuel up. It’s all self-serve. They can even get a Dunkaccino, and choose from a variety of flavorings to add in.”

That’s not all that’s new at Petro Kingdom City. Drivers who want to sit down for a heartier meal will find a completely remodeled Iron Skillet. Count on a location in the heart of farm country to be sure its customers are well-fed. The signature chicken-fried steak is just as good as always, but there are plenty of options for all tastes on the menu.

The buffet and salad bar are a bit larger in the revamped restaurant and of course there are many healthier-for-you StayFit menu choices.

Drivers can also satisfy a sweet tooth, or pick up a gift from the road that loved ones at home will definitely appreciate. The location now offers homemade fudge and salt water taffy.

Of course, whether you come in for a bite to eat, stock up on supplies, get your truck serviced or take a break from the road, you’ll find a healthy amount of down-home friendliness.

“We’re just good folks here in Missouri,” says Fred Davis, restaurant field manager. “We welcome everyone as a friend.”

Wall power

The restaurant now has a Missouri-themed décor, with a big focus on the beautiful Ozark mountains. So why is there a section dedicated to Winston Churchill? Because nearby Fulton, Mo., is where the famed British Prime Minister made his “Iron Curtain” speech shortly after the end of World War II. This is a huge part of the area’s history and a point of pride. Churchill was a guest of Westminster College, and in discussing the state of the world in peacetime, he uttered the phrase that came to symbolize the Cold War years.

You’ve got style

Drivers who have been on the road for a while and are feeling a little shaggy can pop in to the hair salon on the premises. Whether you just need to get a few scraggly inches cut off or you’re ready for a new look, the stylist will be sure you leave the salon looking good.

Small but mighty

Kingdom City may have a population of fewer than 200, but Petro is a magnet for the professional driver.  “This is truly a trucker’s destination,” says Davis. “It’s right smack between St. Louis and Kansas City. We’ve got a TV room, laundromat, chapel services, driver movie theater and more.”

And as Plybon explains, when it comes to service, “We’re good.”


Petro Kingdom City, MO

Where: I-70 & Hwy 54, Exit 148

Phone: (573) 642-0676

Fax: (573) 592-1832

Truck Parking Spaces: 235

Showers: 15

Restaurants: Iron Skillet, Dunkin’ Donuts Express

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