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Customers are amazed at the transformation of Petro Deming in New Mexico

By on January 4, 2013

It’s a busy time at Petro Deming, but it’s the best kind of busy.

The former Savoy truck stop became a Petro in summer 2012, and since then it’s been a whirlwind of new signage, uniforms, lot paving, DEF pumps and much more, says Crystal Carlos, assistant general manager.

“Our main building was built about four years ago, so it’s still fairly new,” Carlos says. “But we’re renovating just about every other part of our operation. Our restaurant is now an Iron Skillet, so we’ve done some work in there to update the look. We have some wonderful murals in our store, and we’re keeping those since they are so much a part of our heritage here, but everything else has been updated.”

Other improvements include a laundry room that will allow for credit or debit card usage, as well as renovations to the showers (one of which features handicapped access). Two whirlpool baths are also available.

Drivers who want to relax can settle into the driver’s lounge, theater room, or play some of the new video games. There’s also a fitness room free to professional drivers who want to get a workout in.

“We’re doing a lot at once, so we are telling our customers that every time they come back through, we’ll have more to show them,” Carlos says.

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The Petro:Lube maintenance and repair center is open 24/7, complete with a RoadSquad emergency roadside service truck. There are 10 fuel lanes that have been updated with high-flow diesel dispensers and bulk DEF.  New scales will be installed, and the existing 150 parking spaces are being expanded as more of the facility’s acreage is paved for use.

Full service

Drivers appreciate the staff’s attention to detail. “We’ve got truckers who’ll call up ahead and place a food order to someone at the fuel desk, so when they get here they can fuel up their truck and their dinner is ready to go,” Carlos says. “We all work together here; it’s a real family. That’s something that not only our employees know, but also our customers. We know them by name, and we work really hard to take care of them.”

Making the change

“When we became a Petro, we only had the uniforms at first, so customers didn’t know what was going on until they came inside,” Carlos says. “But they got really excited right away. We have been very excited too. This has always been a great place, and now it’s just getting better. Everyone is very enthusiastic about the changes. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our truckers, and as a Petro we’re going to be able to give them even more.”

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  1. Joyce Whipple

    October 12, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    THE BEST salad bar I have seen!! Love it!!

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