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No matter how low the temperature, the atmosphere is always warm at TA Missoula

By on January 26, 2015

Any trucker who’s driven it can tell you that the stretch of I-90 between Seattle and Fargo can be a lonely place. These days it’s a little less so, thanks to the new TA Missoula that’s opened right in the middle of that run.

“We’re the first TA in Montana, so we want to make sure we have the pioneering spirit,” says Jim Fargher, fuel and store general manager.

A huge TA sign on the hillside above the location lets drivers know they don’t have far to go to before they can pull in and rest a while. Then, once they get there, they find all they’ll need to refresh and restore for the next leg of the drive.

A ground-up overhaul has been taking place since the start of the year. Showers were renovated, and a handicapped-accessible shower was added; the trucker’s TAcenters_036lounge was renovated; the store was expanded by taking over two former service bays; the restaurant was gutted and turned into a gleaming, new Country Pride; and a new, four-bay service center currently is being built on the lot.

Whether they stop by the store or dine at the restaurant, drivers are greeted with a smile, and the commitment to customer service reflects the friendly and helpful nature of the area residents.


“When you’re on the road 20 out of 30 days, you’re looking for a family out there,” says Country Pride general manager Jim Lucostic. “We have brought in staff who have great personalities, and who can supply that warmth and atmosphere. Drivers know that we’ll go out of our way to give them great service, and they appreciate that.”


For Joy Larson, the site accounting representative who has been with the location for more than six years, the changes were very welcome.

“Everything is tailored more toward truckers now, and we’re able to offer a better fuel price,” Larson says. “And we had a lot of 1970s décor that was original to the building. I was really glad to see all that go as we moved into the modern era.”


Go Grizzlies!

This is a spot that lets everyone know they are rooting for the home team. Local pride is on splashy display with murals that pay homage to the University of Montana Grizzlies football team.

Souped up

The restaurant’s from-scratch country cooking already is a hit with drivers, as is its fully stocked salad bar.

TAcenters_095“It’s the best one around, and we prepare what’s on there fresh,” Lucostic says. “We always have two soups, one of which is our famous tomato soup, and since it’s all you can eat and comes with most meals, it’s really an excellent value.”

Truck care

The new, four-bay service area will offer RoadSquad assistance as well as everyday shop services, says Josh Matlock, lead facilities maintenance technician.


“We’ve built a separate building so that we have a lot more room, and we’ll be able to handle tire changes, lube work and other routine maintenance,” Matlock says. “People are really excited about the new bays, because they will provide more services on-site than we were able to offer before.”

TA Missoula, Montana

Where: I-90, Exit 96 (Hwy 93)
Phone: (406) 549-2327
Fax: (406) 721-3719
Truck Parking: 250
Showers: 7 (1 ADA approved)
Restaurants: Country Pride, Deli


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  1. Clarence

    March 15, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    Glad you put in a full service restaurant so sick of fast food one of the reasons I always stopped at Petro and TA been out here over 30 yrs seen a lot of changes.

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