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TA Seattle East offers a perfect view of the wonders of nature

By on May 2, 2013

Every day the same ritual is played out by drivers arriving at the TA Seattle East. They step out of their rigs, start walking toward the building, stop for a moment, then stand transfixed by the stunning scenery all around them.

“We’re surrounded full-circle by gorgeous mountains,” says Crystal Alford, store/fuel GM. “Everyone winds up taking pictures before they leave because it’s just beautiful.”

Recent updates to the restaurant area are getting a similar reaction. Drivers who see the remodeled Country Pride and new Popeyes stop in their tracks and express admiration of the view. The entire area has been redone, from floor to ceiling. The décor reflects the area’s historic industries, with striking black-and-white photos that celebrate the Pacific Northwest’s storied history of logging, fishing, manufacturing and more.

The dining area has been extended to put in additional seating and the new salad bar is much larger, to hold a wide variety of items. Popeyes became an instant hot spot for drivers (especially those brave enough to order the extra spicy chicken).

“The restaurant is a place of comfort for drivers,” says Alford. “It’s a place to sit and relax after hours of being on the road. We’re seeing a very happy reaction to the new setting.”

Dining companions

For a number of years, Julie Moshey, affectionately known as the Bird Lady, has made it a habit to hang hummingbird feeders outside the restaurant windows and make sure they are always filled with nectar. Diners regularly get a glimpse of these fascinating, colorful little birds darting in to drink from the feeders.

Room to romp

Wide open spaces beckon to all who arrive here. The grounds are perfect for an invigorating walk, and many drivers get out to stretch their legs with their dogs running and jumping alongside.

Sweet stuff

Homemade fudge, a perfect after-meal treat or a lovely gift from the road, is available at the restaurant.

Meet Lester

Lester Hancock, assistant store/fuel GM, is a familiar, friendly face for a lot of drivers. His can-do response to driver questions and cheery personality got him a loyal following, and he shares his secret: “I love the interaction with my customers,” he says. “Being able to come here and do what I do to make sure that all my customers leave with smile — well, that is the driving factor of why I get up and get dressed every morning.”

TA Seattle East

Where: I-90, Exit 34

Phone: (425) 888-1119

Fax: (425) 888-9392

Truck Parking Spaces: 140

Showers: 8

Truck Service Bays: 3

Restaurants: Country Pride, Popeyes


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  1. Kregg Turner

    June 4, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    Yeah, the hard part is actually ever getting a parking spot at any time, day or night. And don’t even think about trying to park within 15 mi of here. Every conceivable nook, cranny and parking lot is boldly marked “NO TRUCKS”. Seems the wealthy folks in the surrounding neighborhoods don’t take kindly to big trucks. Too bad they never stop to think how their BMW’s and fancy coffee beans make it up that mountain…IN A TRUCK!

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