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TA Wheeler Ridge aims for the highest level of service, from dining choices to customer care

By on March 13, 2015

“Welcome Professional Drivers” The sign at the entrance to the TA Wheeler Ridge truck service center says it all. Inside, drivers will find a helpful staff, including experienced and dedicated technicians to keep rigs running well. A deli offers fresh, hot food, and tables are set up outside for those who want to enjoy a beautiful mountain view with their meal. This is a place where warm greetings are exchanged, friendly conversations pick up right where they left off from a previous visit, and truckers know they can relax because they are in capable hands.

And that’s just the first building.

Across the way, a food court in the main building offers five different options for fast meals. The showers are exceptionally clean, and the driver’s lounge is a comfortable spot to catch a game or a favorite show on the large-screen TV, which gets DirecTV.

TA-WheelerRidge-3All that was missing was a sit-down restaurant, but now a third building has answered that need. The Black Bear Diner, which has its own “Welcome” sign, serves classic diner food in large portions.

TA-WheelerRidge-99“The biscuits are ginormous!” says Efrem Mendoza, assistant general manager at the new restaurant. “Drivers especially like our breakfast meals, like the Hungry Bear Chicken Fried Steak with Three Eggs. For dinner they might go for meat loaf or ribs with country potatoes. We have beautiful salads and healthy dining options, too. Diners definitely get their money’s worth with our portions.”

More about Black Bear Diner

TA-WheelerRidge-38This is the first TA location with a Black Bear Diner, which is a popular restaurant chain in California. The focus is on comfort food and smalltown atmosphere, so drivers can expect the same warm welcome and friendly conversation they get in the other two buildings on-site. The bear and tree-themed decor fits right in with the gorgeous mountain surroundings.

A view to enjoy

The Tehachapi Mountains, visible on the eastern and southern horizons, are picture-postcard perfect. “During winter months you see snow-capped mountains, and right after a storm the view is really incredible,” says Albert Espinoza, truck service general manager. “Then in springtime, the mayflowers and poppies come up and turn the hillside gold. You can see the change of seasons, and our guests are always taking pictures of the scenery. It’s beautiful at all times of the year.”

Meet Albert

wheeler-ridge-2Espinoza has been with the TA Wheeler Ridge for about 15 years. He started as a Burger King cashier, worked his way up to fuel desk general manager and recently moved into the truck service general manager job. Over the years he has come to know many drivers, and is proud that he works in an area that is dedicated to helping truckers.

“Our customer service is some of the best in the industry,” he says. “We know our drivers’ names, and a little about their families. I hope that they feel as happy to stop by as we are to see them.”

TA Wheeler Ridge, California

TA-WheelerRidge-7Where: I-5, Exit 219 A/B
Phone: (661) 858-2804
Fax: (661) 858-2136
Truck Parking: 221
Private Showers: 10
Restaurants: Black Bear Diner, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Popeyes, Subway, Taco Bell
Other Amenities: Reserve-It parking, Pet area, Truck wash

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