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The all-new Country Pride at TA Ann Arbor is bigger and better in every way

By on January 1, 2016

It could be enough that TA Ann Arbor sits at a good stopping point for drivers traveling through Michigan — just an hour away from Detroit and Battle Creek. But the location offers much more than mere convenience.

“We strive to treat every driver as a guest, and a member of the family,” says store general manager Joseph Jensen. “We won’t rush them through transactions. We’re here to assist if they have questions about other places in the area, like helping them find the closest truck wash.”

Always being ready to serve is important to the staff, so closing down the Country Pride restaurant for three weeks was tough for them. Drivers could still get a filling meal at the Popeyes on-site, but everyone at the restaurant was anxious for the grand opening, when they could reveal a completely revamped dining space.

Full-Plate Only the floor remained untouched, and the transformation took just 21 days.

Now, a larger salad bar offers more than 30 items. Monday through Thursday, drivers can create their own dish at the pasta bar — choosing from marinara, clam, alfredo and other sauces over spaghetti or bow tie noodles or ziti. They can add chicken or shrimp, mushrooms and more, all sautéed to order.

The soup selection changes daily, and drivers can count on winter choices to be especially hearty and satisfying. Think northern bean, minestrone, chili, clam chowder and cheesy potato, and the consistent favorite — cheeseburger macaroni soup.


All of this, plus the regular menu, is consumed in a bright, comfortable new setting, with a dedicated counter for CDL-holding customers and electrical outlets at every booth so drivers can keep their laptops and phones charged while they visit.

“We needed an update, and this was a night and day change,” says restaurant GM Christopher Brush. “Everyone loves it.”

Winter ready

In an area that gets 50 inches of snow each season and may see below-freezing temperatures, the fuel is winterized and the truck service technicians handle lots of roadside rescues. “We know that we will see some cold weather rushes,” says truck service general manager Chris Stauffer. “We do a lot of rescues for drivers who can’t get their trucks running and don’t have heat. We always want to make sure they stay warm while we work on their vehicles.”

Full-Plate2Go Wolverines!

The remodeled Country Pride celebrates the local college, University of Michigan, and its football team. Scan the walls for historic photos and, during college football season, join others in the drivers lounge to catch a game.

More to come

In the next year or so, TA Ann Arbor will seemore upgrades, including the addition of a StayFit fitness room, a drivers lounge expansion and remodeled showers.

TA Ann Arbor, Michigan

Where: I-94, Exit 167
Phone: (734) 426-3951
Fax: (734) 426-8558
Truck Parking Spaces: 203
Private Showers: 8
Truck Service Bays: 3
Restaurants: Country Pride, Popeyes


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