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The Petro Café adds a dash of Cajun spice to the Egan, Louisiana location

By on January 1, 2016

Step through the front doors of the Petro Egan Café and you may feel like you’ve been transported to the French Quarter. “We keep the atmosphere festive by playing Zydeco music from some of our local musicians,” says Kayla Harmon, restaurant GM at the Petro Egan Café. “Sometimes, we have CDs at the counter that customers can take for their drive.”

Much of New Orleans’ distinctive culture is also found on the revamped menu, which offers a variety of Cajun cuisine that holds a special place in the heart of the locals. Popular dishes include chicken and sausage gumbo, jambalaya and boudin, a dish traditionally made with pork, rice and various vegetables.

Drivers learn to embrace these regional specialties — even if they’re a little leery when they first see the menu.

Local-Flavor2We share all the ingredients with our customers and encourage them to try it,” she says. “A lot of the drivers who come in have enjoyed it and even taken some to go for the road. It’s fun teaching them about our food.”

Healthy and wholesome

Cook Virginia Shawback has been at the location for four years, and she chooses the freshest ingredients for her kitchen. She rotates fresh fruits and vegetables according to what’s locally in season. All of her side dishes are homemade, including mashed potatoes, okra and tomatoes, and coleslaw.

“We put a lot of work into our recipes. It’s all about the preparation,” she says. “Here you can eat healthy and have a lot of choices.”

The café has recently introduced an all-day breakfast menu and expanded their morning hours so that drivers can enjoy a delicious meal no matter what time they start their day.

Local-Flavor4Games people play

Drivers often try their luck at the casino, or may step inside the game room, fully equipped with a pool table, arcade games and more. The Petro Egan staff even plays along after their shift is complete.

“It’s a happy environment here,” Harmon says. “We like to laugh and joke around and have that same attitude with our customers. We serve people with a smile.”

A friendly atmosphere

Petro Egan, located in a no-stoplight town of fewer than 700 people, is a welcome oasis for drivers who appreciate the location’s convenience and amenities. But most of all it’s the friendly atmosphere that keeps them coming back.

“Interacting with our customers is the best part of   the job,” Harmon says. “We all love what we do.”

Petro Egan, Louisiana

Where: I-10, Exit 76
Phone: (337) 783-0424
Fax: (337) 783-6946
Truck Parking Spaces: 127
Private Showers: 6
Restaurants: Petro Café, Subway
Other amenities: Casino, Pet Area, StayFit Bean Bag Toss


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