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The remodeled Country Pride at TA Boise includes a salad bar with lots of variety

By on November 18, 2015

The dining experience begins the moment a driver walks toward the restaurant. Beautiful French doors at the entry way open to reveal a completely remodeled Country Pride restaurant at TA Boise, Idaho.

“We have a USA-themed décor with a huge American flag. There’s a big community table, with a TV in front of it, that could easily be used by Bible study groups or drivers getting together to watch a football game,” says Brenda Kopsa, restaurant general manager. “The opportunities are unlimited, and the whole space is just beautiful.”

The new salad bar allows for a greater variety of fresh foods. Four freshly made soups are offered every day. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always available and the salad fixings are replenished often. Homemade dishes include crab salad, bread pudding and more.

TA-Boise2“We take the time to put love and effort in all of the food we offer,” Kopsa says. “Everyone who has been at the new salad bar just loves it. We know that drivers want more variety when they come to eat with us, and so we look outside of the box to give them more choices.”

Of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals will still have all the traditional trimmings, served up by a friendly staff who make sure drivers get a satisfying meal and leave with a smile.

“It’s a real family atmosphere here,” Kopsa says. “This is like home to a lot of drivers and that’s important to us.”

Surrounded by natural beauty

The view of the Idaho foothills never fails to impress. The rolling landscape displays a different kind of natural beauty with each season, from snow-capped hilltops in winter to wildflowerdotted grounds in the spring and summer to a mosaic of reds, yellows and oranges of autumn. When the weather is good, drivers bring their togo food over to a grassy area with picnic tables and enjoy the scenery.


Speaking of local color

College football fans may know about the Boise State Broncos, whose home field is made up of bright blue turf. The school is nearby and the travel store has a few Boise State souvenirs celebrating the unique field.

Longtime employees welcome drivers

Cashier Cindy Beebe has been at the location for seven years and her personality has made an impression. “She has that bubbly, sarcastic but friendly attitude,” says store general manager Betsy Driscoll. “On her days off, we constantly have drivers asking where she is. They love talking to her.”

Becky Jardine, a server at the restaurant for the past 18 years, has earned hundreds of stars from customers for her friendly service. “Drivers always ask to sit at one of her tables,” Kopsa says.

Spotless reputation

Inside and out, the TA Boise staff keeps the area looking good. Kopsa says that at least once a day, somebody makes a point of finding her to comment on the cleanliness of the restaurant. “We all pitch in to clean,” she says. “We take pride in our work.”

TA Boise, Idaho

Where: I-84, Exit 54
Phone: (208) 344-1091
Fax: (208) 345-7560
Truck Parking Spaces: 171
Truck Service Bays: 3
Private Showers: 12
Restaurants: Country Pride, Subway, Taco Bell
Other Amenities: StayFit Fitness Room, Pet Area

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