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TA Troy is a place where everyone knows your name

By on November 5, 2012

There’s Stanley, the mail truck driver, and Danny, the car hauler. There’s Tim, the driver who made a point to call up the corporate office and praise the cleanliness of the showers. Like hundreds of other drivers, they have made stopping at TA Troy a habit.

“There’s been highway construction going on for quite a while, so we’re not the easiest location to come into, but drivers keep coming back because they know that we listen to them and we care,” says Pat Glebavicius, general manager of the store at TA Troy. “Everyone here is cheerful, so if our customers aren’t smiling when they walk in, then they are almost always smiling or laughing by the time they leave.”

That happy atmosphere comes straight from the heart of a group of employees who genuinely enjoy their work. A good number of the staff have been at the location for more than 20 years, so there’s a comforting familiarity about the place. Call it the “Cheers” of truckstops, where everybody knows your name and greets you warmly when you walk in. That comfort level goes both ways.

“Drivers know that if my office door is open they can walk in, sit down in the chair and tell me about their day,” Glebavicius says. “And they do.”

What’s new?

While the faces are familiar, much of the surroundings at Troy have been updated. The restaurant has been totally remodeled, the store and fuel pumps are updated and two additional bays are planned for the truck service center.

How clean?

Glebavicius is proud of the showers and rest rooms. “I would take a sack lunch and go sit on the floor of the bathroom and eat,” she declares confidently. “That’s how comfortable I am with the cleanliness of our bathrooms.”

A buffet of delights

The revamped buffet offers omelets on weekend mornings. Some weekend nights customers can get a stir-fry meal to order, with the opportunity to choose the veggies they want included, plus meat, fish or shrimp. Another favorite meal choice is the delicious locally made bratwurst.

Family feeling

Randy Trebing, fuel desk cashier, has been at the location for 32 years. His brother Kent has worked there for 29 years. “A lot of people think we’re twins, but there’s a six-year difference between us,” says older brother Randy. “I have a few more gray hairs.” Kent, also a cashier, thinks of the whole TA Troy as a second family. “I call it my home away from home,” he says. “I’ve gotten to know a lot of the drivers who come by regularly and consider them friends.”

The Basics

TA Troy, IL
Where: I-55/I-70, Exit 18
Phone: (618) 667-9931
Fax: (618) 667-8051
Truck Parking Spaces: 97
Showers: 7
Truck Service Bays: 3
Restaurants: Country Pride, Dunkin’ Donuts

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