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When they have a break from the road, drivers enjoy their time at TA Laredo Henry Albert Travel Center

By on May 7, 2015

There may never be a more apt pairing of driver and truckstop. The TA Laredo Henry Albert Travel Center, one of the first seven locations to be named for a Citizen Driver honoree, always offers cheerful, comprehensive customer service — just like its namesake.

TA040Henry Albert has built a reputation in the industry based on his neat appearance and professional behavior, and the TA that bears his name is known for its cleanliness and friendly service. On a practical level, its laundry, fitness room, game room, well-stocked travel store, fullservice restaurant, truck service center and alwaysclean showers make it a popular way station for truckers.

“Drivers who need to rest or who are waiting for their next load stay here and they have plenty of ways to spend their time,” says Frank Guerrero, travel store general manager. “It’s not about getting them in and getting them out. We want them to stay for as long as they need to.”

Whether that’s a few days or a few minutes, everyone does their best to make sure the stay is a happy one.

“I go to a lot of places,” Albert says. “The staff here is the reason I keep coming back. They do their job well, and then they go beyond that. Some places you walk in feeling good and leave in a bad mood. Here you can walk in feeling bad and they will make you feel good.”

TA029The greatest of ease

The travel store, newly remodeled, is roomy and has plenty of merchandise to choose from. DEF has been installed at all the diesel pumps, so trucks keep moving. More showers were added recently, so there is now a total of 15 private showers, and the porter staff is quick to clean them after each use so there’s rarely a wait.

Place of honor

TA058Many drivers notice the name on the entrance and the plaque inside that profiles Citizen Driver Henry Albert. Albert is there almost every week, happy to chat with anyone who comes up to him.

“He’s awesome. He definitely makes an impression,” says Gabrielle Davis, restaurant general manager. “He knows everyone and they know him.”

Meet RaeRae

Regulars at the restaurant look forward to seeing Country Pride server RaeRae Martinez. “She remembers everyone’s name and treats them like a best friend,” says Davis. “She knows their likes, and most importantly, she is the happiest, most down-toearth person you could meet. She’s wild and kooky and her happiness is infectious.”

Comfort food, Mexican-style

TA009The buffet at the restaurant usually includes a variety of Mexican dishes, but the hands-down favorite is the pozole, a hearty soup that is made with pork or chicken.

Highly recommended

“One of the reasons I chose to have my name on TA Laredo is that I wanted the employees there to be noticed,” says Albert. “They are the ones who make our day possible. When you stop somewhere, it’s not just to refresh with a meal or a shower. When you get off the road and have friendly interaction with the people here, it helps your psyche, too!”

TA Laredo, Texas

Where: I-35 and Beltway Pkwy.
Phone: (956) 724-2016
Fax: (956) 724-2511
Truck Parking Spaces: 336
Truck Service Bays: 5
Private Showers: 15
Restaurants: Country Pride, Burger King, Subway, Taco Bell
Other Amenities: Reserve-It Parking, StayFit Fitness Room, StayFit Basketball Hoop, Pet Area

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