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By on October 28, 2009
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What I Did for Love
By Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Read by Julia Gibson
11 CDs, 13 hours
At the start of this story of love and hate in Hollywood, actress Georgie York is being stalked by a pack of paparazzi desperate to catch her crying over her high-profile divorce.

But just when she thinks things can’t get worse, America’s sweetheart finds herself entangled with wolfish bad boy Bram Shepard, in a mostly-for-show marriage designed to boost both their careers. Much has changed since they starred in a popular sitcom together a decade ago and had a stormy fling, but even as the attraction between them heats up, bad memories threaten to boil over.

Julia Gibson offers a spirited reading, providing all the supporting characters with distinctive voices — though Bram’s exaggerated drawl is occasionally distracting.

At first, the fun of this frothy read is guessing which real-life tabloid tales provided inspiration. (Hint: Georgie’s golden-boy ex dumped her for a gorgeous globetrotter.) But ultimately, these characters —and their stories — take on a life all their own.
— Katie Neal

The Survivors Club
By Ben Sherwood
Read by the author
10 CDs, 11.5 hours
In different ways, we’re all survivors. We weather divorce, car wrecks, death, lay-offs — the list goes on. In The Survivors Club, author Ben Sherwood explores why some of us live, and some of us die; why some of us recover, while others don’t. From airplane crashes to the Holocaust, Sherwood uses survivor testimonies, expert interviews and scientific research to explain the secret to thriving. The choices we make certainly impact our chances, but most of us will never know how we’ll react in a crisis. Your reaction time, instincts, support and luck are all players. The next time you’re faced with an incomprehensible loss, a 911 call or tornado, Sherwood’s fascinating account will definitely make you think twice. And make you believe you can make it.
— Laura Pack

Always Looking Up: The Adventures of  an Incurable Optimist
By Michael J. Fox
Read by the author
5 CDs, 6 hours
In his second memoir, Michael J. Fox describes the decision to quit acting full time, explaining frankly how the symptoms and treatment of Parkinson’s disease make it difficult to control his body movements, facial expressions and speech patterns. So in 2000 he launched the next phase of his career, most notably a foundation for Parkinson’s research.

Though the audiobook tackles weighty subjects, from politics to family to faith, Fox is as lighthearted and good-humored as ever. His voice is clearly changed by the disease, and he sometimes reads at a breathless pace that threatens to leave listeners behind. Yet his comic timing is razor sharp, whether he’s poking fun at his own physical quirks or taking on his critics.

Fox may no longer make his living as an entertainer — no surprise given the promise and prominence of his new mission — but Always Looking Up finds the affable comedian in top form.             
— Katie Neal

Listen Up
Some of the season’s most anticipated new reads are also available on CD.

I Drink for a Reason
By David Cross
Read by the author

Official Book Club Selection
By Kathy Griffin
Read by the author

The Doomsday Key
By James Rollins
Read by Peter Jay Fernandez

I Love You, Beth Cooper
By Larry Doyle
Read by Paul Rust

The Lost Symbol
By Dan Brown
Read by Paul Michael


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