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Cabovers and James Bond

By on September 3, 2010
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As many of you know, I love cabovers. Thus my nickname “Cabover.”

When I have the time, I browse the Internet looking for a potential used and affordable-on-a-truck-magazine-editor’s meager salary, old cabover to call my own. While I have yet to find one, I did come across another unique vehicle for sale: James Bond’s actual Aston Martin DB5 as driven by Sean Connery in the Goldfinger and Thunderball movies.

The car is going to be auctioned by RM Auctions, the world’s largest auction house for quality automobiles, in association with global auction company Sotheby’s. The car is included in RM Auctions’ annual Automobiles of London event that takes place in October in London, England.

This Aston Martin is one of only two, and the sole remaining of the original 007 DB5s featured on screen with Sean Connery as James Bond. As if that weren’t awesome enough, the car is factory-fitted with the full complement of operational Q-Branch gadgets, including machine guns, bulletproof shield, revolving license plates, tracking device, removable roof panel, oil slick sprayer, nail spreader and smoke screen, all controlled from factory-installed toggles and switches hidden in the center armrest. For you non-James Bond fans, Q-Branch was the research and development division of the British Secret Service in the 007 movies.

You should think twice about getting into the bidding for James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5I. It is expected to fetch in excess of $5 million. Not quite in that affordable-on-a-truck-magazine-editor’s meager salary range.

Meanwhile, my cabover search continues.

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  1. Richard Dickson

    May 5, 2015 at 10:01 am

    I have been a cabover enthuisiast for more than 30 years. For quite awhile I have been seeking information on 2 particular trucks: the Ford CL9000 and the International Transtar ll Eagle. I’m looking for the specifications on such as horsepower, sleeping areas, and overall length of both trucks. Also the last year these trucks were built. Can you offer any information ?. I appreciate it very much. Thank you.

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