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By on March 1, 2009
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It used to be a trucker could rely only on his CB, his radio and his road map to get through a haul, but technology goes so far beyond that now.

Today’s drivers have access to the most cutting-edge, on-demand technology that provides them with current information through their phones. And whether they need to find the nearest Cat Scale or want to listen to live streaming of The Midnight Trucking Radio Network (MTRN), they have the means to do it — and the content is available for free.

“We have always been a leader in providing updated news for truckers,” says Mindy Baker, general manager with MTRN. “And now it is not only overnight, but any time you want it. We continue to expand and be there for the trucker, and the new generation of trucker.” The network, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is a five-hour overnight news and talk program, available on radio stations throughout the country.

Drivers can now hear the show streamed live through an iPhone or computer. They can download the previous night’s show from or iTunes whenever they start their shift, and listen to it on any type of mp3 player. And of course, they can hear it on the radio.

But it’s not all about entertainment. For those without a computer in the cab, a web-enabled phone will be just as good for finding a good place to get weighed. Cat Scale has launched a phone-friendly locator site that gives drivers a load of valuable information. After entering the state or zip code of their loading point, they get a drop-down menu of nearby Cat Scale locations. Once they choose a spot, it’s just a quick click to get truck-specific directions, phone and fax numbers and more.

“We are very excited about this site and believe it will be an important tool for drivers,” says Heather DeBaillie, marketing manager. “They will be able to easily find the closest Cat Scale before they even pull away from the loading dock,” Drivers can find the closest Cat Scale via their mobile phones by visiting

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