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Danger Zone

By on March 1, 2009
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No matter what the situation, trucks almost always prove necessary for getting supplies to the place they are needed. For U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, the situation is war and the supply destination is accessible by one battle-centered road through the Khyber Pass.

Three-quarters of the supplies shipped to the military stationed in Afghanistan arrive in Pakistan’s ports and must be transported to troops by truck. So the road, which connects the two countries, became a target for Islamic militants looking to weaken military operations. Trucks waiting at checkpoints and truckstops were attacked regularly, and some were even hijacked while en route. The truck drivers, who are primarily Afghan and Pakistani civilians, have persisted in the face of these considerable dangers.

As many as 30,000 additional troops are expected to be deployed to the area in the near future, which will demand even more supplies. NATO is considering other routes, and recently received approval to move supplies through Russia and Central Asia.

In the meantime, these brave drivers will continue to do what they do best — keep on rolling. 

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