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Determined Driver

By on February 16, 2010
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There are times when you have to admire a trucker’s determination. There are also times when you have to ask: “What in the world was that trucker thinking?”

Here’s a case of both, in one strong-willed, but not too common-sensed driver.
A trucker in Shandong, China, was so determined to deliver his load on time that he drove his rig with a piece of cardboard where his windshield was supposed to be. He got about 400 miles before the police stopped him. (Where is law enforcement when you need them?)

The driver explained that he’d been in an accident in Hubei province a few days earlier that badly damaged his windshield. But being under very tight time constraints, he said he didn’t have time to do a proper repair job. Instead, he replaced his windshield with a large piece of cardboard.

According to news reports, the trucker was almost blue from cold when he was pulled over. He told the police he had to stick his head out the window to see where he was going.

“I would drive like that until my neck got too sore and numb, then I would drive by looking through the little holes in the cardboard,” the trucker was quoted as saying. I give this trucker an A+ for resourcefulness, but an F- for safety.

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