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Eastern Savings Time

By on September 1, 2009
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Traveling the I-95 Corridor, the main highway on the East Coast, is always a challenge. Stretching 1,917 miles from Florida to Maine, it serves some of the most populated urban areas in the U.S., including Miami, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston.

The average daily traffic in the entire corridor is more than 72,000 vehicles, with maximum daily traffic reaching as high as 300,000 or more. Average daily truck traffic is more than 10,000, with maximum daily truck traffic reaching as high as over 31,000.

Now, thanks to a new U.S. DOT website, you can get real-time traffic information and travel times to help you plan your trip along the busy thoroughfare. Live traffic speed information on I-95 and major roadways in the region from New Jersey to North Carolina is available on It also offers both the current and normal travel times between various cities, airports and other landmarks on key routes in the multi-state region. Users only need to select their starting point and destination from a list of pre-defined locations on the website’s Travel Time page.

The I-95 Corridor Travel Time Information Website is one element of the SafeTrip-21 initiative underway by the U.S. DOT’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration. 

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