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Every Minute Counts

By on July 6, 2011
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All of us at TA and Petro like to say that we treat our customers like family. And it’s true. We offer warm welcomes and have long-term relationships with our regular customers. When you settle in for some downtime, it’s our goal to be sure that you are able to relax and put aside the stress and worries of the day. But we also know that when you are on the road you are in business, so we are here to help you get your work done without any unnecessary hassles or delays.

Easy in and easy out is a priority when time is ticking away. Faster fueling helps, and many of our locations have upgraded, state-of-the-art pumps. We continue to roll out DEF at the pump as more new trucks get on the road. Our new 1+1 pump technology allows you to pump both diesel and DEF from the same dispenser, so you don’t have to move your truck.

Our locations are designed with trucks in mind, with plenty of room to maneuver when parking or fueling. Our competitors can’t make that claim.

Being able to take care of multiple tasks in one place, which you can do at the full-service locations of TA and Petro, saves precious minutes when going through your to-do list.

The stores regularly offer special deals on bulk purchases of snacks, canned foods and drinks, so you don’t need to make a trip to the big box store. Truck maintenance and repair is available all day, every day. Good food is ready to grab and go at the stores and your favorite quick service restaurants are ready to pack up a fast hot meal for you to carry with you.

At a TA or Petro you can drive in, fuel up, park and get everything you need in one place — eat, shower, shop and get your truck taken care of.

All of that is delivered by a warm and friendly staff, who treat you like family, and also know that you have business to attend to.

Come on out to the Truckers Jamboree

Every year the Walcott Iowa 80 TA puts on a two-day festival of fun especially for truck drivers. The Truckers Jamboree takes place on July 14-15 this year, and there are plenty of reasons to stop in for a while — and bring the family if you can. Country artist Marty Stuart will be playing on Thursday, July 14 at 7 p.m. Plus, there will be antique trucks, show trucks, the famous Pork Chop cookout, games, the Trucker Olympics and more!

The Iowa 80 TA is at I-80, Exit 284.

He’s an Original

After driver Bill Briley had some truck service work done at the Effingham, Ill. Petro, Joe Dunbar, the general manager at the time, asked him if he had an UltraONE™ card to swipe with his purchase. “Will this work?” the 50-year veteran of the road asked, pulling a piece of paper from his wallet.

“I had to do a double take,” says Dunbar, who was recently promoted. “It was the original Road King Driver’s Club card issued to him in 1974!”

In fact, Briley still has the registered key chain, luggage ID tags and pocket protector that came with that original membership. The card itself is now another keepsake, as Briley has now been issued a card for UltraONE, the TA and Petro Driver Rewards Program that provides many perks and benefits.

TA and Petro Add Continental

In response to demand for more variety and additional tire supply, TA now offers Continental truck tires, including the HSL2 (Highway Steer Long Haul), HDL Eco Plus Drive (Highway Drive Long Haul) and HTL Eco Plus (Highway Trailer Long Haul). Each of the three tires is verified as an EPA Smartway Transport Partnership low rolling resistance truck tire. Customers will also be able to have emergency replacement Continental tires supplied by TA’s RoadSquad® emergency roadside assistance program.

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