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By on July 1, 2008
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Nothing can ruin a trip like a speeding ticket, which is why drivers continually find ways to warn others of speed traps. Now, in addition to flashing headlights and alerts over the CB, drivers can get a heads up to slow down on their GPS or mobile phone.

“We wanted to build a community of people who wanted to avoid tickets, be safer and be an informed driver,” says Shannon Atkinson, president of, a website that asks drivers across the country to point out spots where they know the police ticket regularly. Those spots are highlighted on a digital map, and are also available for download to a Garmin GPS. “The Garmin unit tells the driver how fast they are going, and they are alerted a half-mile before one of our charted speed traps is coming up,” says Atkinson.

Trapster does something similar via phone. “We’re Facebook meets radar detector,” says Pete Tenereillo, who heads up the company. “The information is real time — a user sees an officer with a radar gun, punches a button on the phone and when other Trapster members approach the area, they get an alert.”

Strangely enough, as the ways to avoid speed traps become more sophisticated, many highway patrols are going low-tech, positioning cardboard cops or dummy vehicles along the side of the road to fool drivers into letting up on that gas pedal.

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