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Fueled By Horse Power

By on July 1, 2009
RoadKing Mag

Kristina Kremer, a longtime driver, is hoofing it from Delaware to California. Putting one foot in front of the other, she thinks about the 1973 Kenworth sitting at home and the 1991 Peterbilt she drives over the road. “When I see big trucks go by, I really miss my truck,” she says.

But she’s walking for a good reason.

She loves horses, and wants to help them. A friend had been training for months for A Walk Across America to raise awareness of the problem of abandoned horses. Nine days before the scheduled start, he was injured and had to cancel. Kremer already had a lot on her plate. She opened the Snowy River Ranch and Animal Rescue in Colorado a few years ago. Plus she runs her own trucking business with her husband and is busy raising three children, 18, 14 and 4. Still, she’s had a lifelong love for horses and believed in the cause. So she stepped right in to do the cross-country walk.

It certainly helps that she has the full support of her husband, who has taken over the main responsibilities of their business and family, but still schedules times to come out to support her on her walk.

The encouragement she gets from her fellow truckers keeps her motivated to keep going.

“I’ve been a driver my entire life and never would have guessed the outpouring I get from of all the drivers,” she says. From honking as they drive by to driving slowly behind her to ensure her safe passage as she walked through the Appalachian Mountains, her fellow truckers have been cheering her on throughout the long journey. “It’s been amazing,” she says.

Many of the drivers she encounters have horses of their own. When they hear about the problem Kremer is addressing, they want to help.

With the struggling economy, the high cost of keeping horses fed and sheltered is leading some owners to take cruel and drastic measures. Every day more horses are abandoned or slaughtered by people who think they can no longer afford to care for them. In addition to raising awareness with her walk, Kremer is collecting letters from people across the country about the growing horse crisis and plans to deliver them to President Obama.

Meanwhile her animal rescue ranch is making a difference one horse at a time by finding new owners for horses that are scheduled for slaughter. She brought together Spirit and Tina Thomas, and Kremer was happy to see another horse get a good home.

“I had no idea she was a truck driver,” says Thomas. “I’ve been driving for 12 years myself.”

To learn more about A Walk for Horses and their goal, visit www.awalkforhorses.webs.com

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