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By on September 1, 2008
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THE INTERNET GAMING phenomenon is making its way to TA via Zazoox, a PC-based gaming and high-speed internet kiosk. Twenty-one Zazoox kiosks are up and running at TAs nationwide, and 66 more are in the process of being installed.

Drivers pay for use by the minute, with cash or a credit card, and Zazoox kiosks allow users to create accounts and prepay for usage. The system will keep track of how many minutes have been used, so users can spread their gaming and internet use out over several TA visits.

The Zazoox stations offer a range of games from Halo and World of Warcraft to card games such as Gin, Hearts, Spades and Euchre. Other offerings include NBA Live 08, Call of Duty 4, Big Mutha Truckers 2, Astropop and Ghostmaster.

Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the top-notch graphics and audio, but should also find the kiosks easy to use. Controls are similar to a home-based system, and gamers can set up their control options in the way that feels most comfortable to them.

The kiosks also offer high-speed internet access for drivers looking to stay connected on the road.

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