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By on November 3, 2010
RoadKing Mag

When a long day of trucking comes to an end, think about sitting down to a video game that keeps you in traffic worrying about delivering your load in time.

Rig ’n’ Roll, a trucking game from 1C Company, a Russian software and gaming firm, promises to bring the most realistic trucking experience to PC gamers. Players guide a young driver toward his goal of taking over the California cargo market. A combination of strategy, time management and driving skills are necessary for success. Set for release in the U.S. in time for the holidays, the game is available for download at www.rignroll.com.

“Thanks to the truckers we were able to develop and bring to life a well-thought out mathematical model for vehicle damage and malfunctions,” says Felix Yakovlev, developer for 1C Company and Rig ’n’ Roll. “Moreover, on a regular basis we asked actual truckers to test the game for realism of driving a tractor-trailer.”

The territory covered spans 12,000 miles, from rolling hills to the traffic of 42 cities. The creators attempted to make the landscape as real as possible.

“We made numerous trips to California and Nevada, talked to truckers, filmed hundreds of hours of video and took thousands of pictures,” says Yakovlev. “While working on this project we were in touch with Russian and American truckers and we are deeply grateful to them for their advice and consultations.”

The developers looked at all the obstacles a driver faces in racing to load and unload freight. Those pesky California traffic laws exist here, just as in real life, and the police in the game don’t let things slide easily.

Unlike other racing games, the trucks in Rig ’n’ Roll respond to speed and road conditions onscreen in a way that they would on the road. The rigs handle stiff and steady on the California highways and city streets — and no matter how important it is to make up some time, there’s no pushing the speedometer dial up to 80 mph.

“Gamers who play Rig ’n’ Roll and who are also driving in real life made it clear to us,” explains Yakovlev. “We managed to give players the special feeling of driving a real truck in our game.”

– Becky Eastridge

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