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Having a Blast

By on November 9, 2011
RoadKing Mag

The Bordentown, N.J. Petro crew believes their customers are so nice they honor them with Customer Appreciation Days. The crew always looks for new ways to make these events fun. For this summer’s celebration, store general manager Rosario Chiarella found inspiration right at the roller grill.

“We put together a hot dog eating contest for drivers, and it was really a lot of fun,” says Chiarella. “The winner walked away with an iPod Nano and a very full stomach.”

Even drivers who didn’t compete got plenty to eat. Hamburgers, chips and more were handed out to the drivers who stopped by.

While everyone at the Bordentown Petro enjoys the customer events, the attempt to keep drivers smiling goes on year-round.

“We treat drivers better than they’re treated at home. If not, they would just stay home,” says Doug Smith, Iron Skillet general manager and a former trucker himself. “I know what drivers expect because I was one.”

B-ball break

If drivers don’t happen to roll in on Customer Appreciation Day, there are still plenty of activities to keep them entertained at the Bordentown Petro. The most popular is the full basketball court surrounded by picnic tables. Whether they hit the enclosed court for a friendly game or just sit by and watch the players, customers always have a great time.

Food, glorious food

A chef is now stationed at the all-new buffet at the Iron Skillet every evening. Drivers can still find their favorite buffet dishes, but now also have the option to ask the chef to concoct personalized pasta dishes or stir-fry made to order from a wide choice of fresh ingredients.

Snap happy

The salad bar always impresses with its incredible variety of fresh veggies and prepared salads. Drivers have been known to snap a photo or two of the healthy noshes displayed on the bar.

Tasty delight

Some diners may be able to resist the desserts on the buffet or from the menu, but temptation still awaits. At the Iron Skillet register, customers will find hand-dipped Breyer’s ice cream available. A scoop, milkshake or sundae treat often leave drivers with a kid-like grin, and that’s the perfect end to any Bordentown Petro visit.

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