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By on May 1, 2010
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At TA, we want you to feel comfortable enough that you consider our locations a home away from home. But we also realize that drivers turn to us as a partner in conducting business. Convenience, economy and time are paramount for a driver, and so TA has made them a priority in our service.

To meet driver needs for speed and efficiency we have established driver-only pay points and driver-only fuel buildings at many of our TA locations. Our automated shower systems are the most efficient that you can find on the road, while still offering the top quality in cleanliness and comfort. We have a variety of quick food choices, from familiar quick service restaurants to generous grab-and-go items.

We are increasing the number of ways to get fueling receipts, and will soon offer the options to pull receipts online or from the in-store kiosk.

We have developed new technology to monitor fuel pumps and reduced the number of out-of-service dispensers by more than half in just a month’s time after implementing the new tool.

With CSA 2010 going into effect in July, TA has made a point of gearing up for the new safety program. The subject is complex, so we have teamed up with J.J. Keller to provide education booklets and guidelines that address the major areas of CSA 2010. These will be available at all TA locations. Our managers, technicians and service writers will be ready to handle the ins and outs of the program, and we are retooling our DOT and safety inspection guidelines to be in line with CSA 2010.

As drivers express their concerns about maintaining good health on the road, TA has made a point of including healthy menu choices at our restaurants, including plentiful salad bars.

We are looking at adding nutritional information to our menus, and at how TA can add onsite exercise areas. Some TA locations even include office space for chiropractors and dentist
For drivers who are taking a break from the road with us, TA offers driver-only lounges and full-service restaurants, many with an All You Can Eat menu available.

Whether reacting to changes in the industry, or responding to driver requests, TA explores the best option and then takes action. Our goal is to give you, our driver customer, tools to do your job well.

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