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By on September 1, 2008
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FOR JOSH SIMMONS, the new trucking museum at the Iowa 80 TA served as his own personal wonderland. “Dad! Look at this,” he cried as he ran toward a gleaming green 1934 GMC T-23B. His dad, Tom, a driver from Akron, Ohio, brought his big rig-loving young son in to Walcott for the annual Truckers Jamboree, and they were thrilled to find the bonus of the museum opening for business. Walking the aisles, Tom had to agree with Josh. “This is really cool.”

With room for up to 45 vintage trucks, the museum offers visitors a tangible history of the trucking industry, including one of the earliest Kenworths, an electric dairy truck by Walker, a 1957 Diamond T, a1949 International Harvester and many more. In addition to the truck display, there is a gift shop and a movie theater.

“This museum is a monument to you folks,” said Delia Moon Meier, senior vice president of the Iowa 80 Group, at the ribbon cutting attended by dozens of truckers and their families. Drivers who come by regularly have long been fascinated by the large collection of antique trucks that the Moon family kept at the location. The late Bill Moon, who began running the truckstop in 1965 with his wife Carolyn, loved old trucks and truck memorabilia and built up a healthy inventory of rigs over the years. Meier noted that the museum was his dream, and that the family was honored to be able to share trucking’s history with the general public.

As the Moon family lined up to cut the ribbon to the visitors center, museum curator Dave Meier let the crowd know that its work was ongoing. “Carolyn says we need more,” he said. “So get back to us with more trucks!”

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