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By on January 1, 2010
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If you look at most truckers, they are picking up a commodity and taking it wherever they’re going and that’s that. As a household mover, I deal with people’s lives and belongings on every trip.

I’ve spoken at some customer service rep meetings at my company, Alexander’s Mobility Services, to get them to understand what we go through on the job as drivers. We arrive at a home and work with a wife and mother who has to deal with kids, appraisals, repairs, insurance, the post office and utility notifications. Meanwhile, she is probably leaving friends behind. It’s an emotional time. Here we are in the middle of all of this chaos.

At Alexander’s we do a complete service — I actually pack, load and deliver, so we see them through the whole process. Let them worry about other things, I’m there to worry about the stress of moving. I may be out there with a customer for a few days to pack and load up, and I really enjoy seeing those moments when they trust me to take care of things, and I see them getting relaxed during the move. Sometimes, I’ll get repeat customers. They had a good experience and come back to us when they need to move again.

Every job is different and that’s what keeps movers on their toes. We are constantly moving expensive items, but that’s not always what people care most about. I just worked with a lady who told me the two most important possessions she had were her rare Range Rover and a basket with eight pine cones in it. Neither one could be replaced, she said. I’ve met some interesting people, too. In the 1970s, I moved General Omar Bradley. He was the last living 5-star General, and I helped him on his last move before he died.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in our industry and in trucking in general since I first started out. People have more stuff now. Back when I started, we would be loading about 9,000 pounds from one house. Now it’s not unusual to see 20,000 pounds.

Most regular freight drivers think movers are crazy because of all of the manual labor involved in the job. But I really like coming in to take care of the move and making people happy.

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