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By on September 1, 2009
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The crew at the Denton TA shop is helpful and friendly, but that doesn’t mean that drivers want to spend a whole lot of time with them.

“I’ve been in this business for a lot of years, and I know what drivers want and what they expect,” says shop general manager Robert Carlos. “We try to service every customer as fast as we can so they can get back on the road.”

That attention to the need for speed has jumped even higher with the addition of four service bays to the previously existing two bays. “I actually count it as eight, because we can fit two trucks to a bay,” Carlos says. “Work comes in and goes out so much faster now, but the pace is actually less hectic.”

With two bays dedicated to oil changes and the other four used solely for minor repairs and tire work, standing around time is pretty much a thing of the past for drivers.

“Everybody loves it,” says Denton GM Jim Mullins. “They don’t have to wait to get in. They just get their service order written up and within minutes their truck is being worked on.”

Experience counts
“Drivers will see me in the shop and say, ‘Hey I want the silver-headed guy to work on my truck,’” says Carlos, laughing heartily. “That’s just a lot of gray hair, buddy.” He does, in fact, have 35 years in the truck repair business, so drivers can believe him when he lets them know that the Denton technicians are top notch.

Cleanliness too
Though grime and grease come with the territory, Denton technicians are nearly obsessive about keeping a clean shop. Regular customers appreciate the effort.

Nobody likes a mess
For that matter, the Denton TA has a whole staff devoted to keeping the location’s bathrooms and showers sparkling 24/7.

Feeling welcome
“We have a very friendly staff,” says Mullins. “It sounds corny, maybe, but we really do try to treat our customers more like family than as someone we’ll see once and then they’re gone.” Some drivers may start feeling that they really do have a second family here. Many stay for two or three days waiting for loads from Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Meet Bruce and Robert
When a driver hands a truck over to somebody else, trust is a must. Bruce Miron and Robert Mooreman, two of Denton’s most popular technicians, offer drivers peace of mind. They always explain exactly what is going on with repairs, answer questions in detail and display a high degree of pride and professionalism in their work.

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