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By on March 1, 2010
RoadKing Mag

Luis Almodovar • Hackettstown, N.J. • Driving for 18 years

If I’m not driving, there’s a good chance I’m wrestling.

I’ve wrestled non-televised matches for the WWE throughout the New York, New Jersey, Tri-State area, and I wrestle Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for independent promoters all over the Northeast.

I can’t remember when I wasn’t wrestling or in a truck. My father has been driving for 45 years. Two of my cousins drive. I began going with my dad when I was five or six. I saw how driving meant independence. I’ve always liked operating vehicles, from motorcycles to airplanes. And the money is great. My father always was able to take care of us.

Growing up I liked Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat and Bret Hart. I decided I wanted to wrestle when I met the late WWE star Chris Candido and realized size didn’t matter. In high school, I played baseball and football and did a little wrestling and boxing. Pro wrestling is different than amateur wrestling, of course. It’s a combination of athleticism, agility, theatrics and more.

I want to be able to take care of my family: my fiancée, Bethany, and our daughter, Amaya. I met Bethany in West Virginia when I was on my way to Louisville, Ky., for a tryout/seminar with the then-farm system of the WWE: Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). I was invited to join OVW and competed for three years, while driving locally for Pegasus Transportation. When WWE started a new farm system in Florida, I returned to New Jersey, where I had a job lined up with FFE/American Eagle Lines as well as a few bookings with the WWE.

When I was young my favorite movie was The Omen. That had a character named Damian. My favorite TV show was The Addams Family. So I wrestle under the name Damian Adams. Check out Facebook or WrestlingIWF.com for info about me and my matches.

Like my father, I mostly haul to rail yards. I drive for American Eagle Lines. One of the accounts they keep me on is Mars, the candy company. They’re almost around the corner from the house. So anytime they need anything taken to the rail yard, they call me.

I also do Johnson & Johnson in Pennsylvania. I sometimes drive to Upstate New York, but I’m pretty much a local/regional driver, which I like because I can be at home with my family.

Plus, it gives me weekends to wrestle.

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