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Safe Haven

By on January 6, 2011
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When winter weather gets nasty and turns into every driver’s enemy, the Limon, Colo. TA is waiting and prepared to be a trucker’s best friend.

Located right off of I-70, the main interstate between Denver and Kansas, Limon knows how to handle harsh weather. The truck service techs can help drivers prepare beforehand, and RoadSquad expertly handles winter breakdowns.

“We’re kind of known for our snowstorms. They shut down I-70 a lot in the winter months, and people get stranded,” says Kristi Payne, store and fuel manager. The location serves as a safe haven during this time and makes sure that everyone is cozy.

Just dessert

Limon’s Country Pride restaurant draws big crowds and satisfies anyone’s sweet tooth. When a driver takes a bite of the eatery’s much-loved saltwater taffy, memories of a boardwalk summer may be strong enough to replace winter’s chill. For chocolate connoisseurs, the homemade fudge may be the perfect dessert.

Live entertainment

Instead of just sitting around waiting for roads to open, drivers often make their own entertainment. Payne remembers one driver who sang along to the tunes coming out of a Sirius radio in the store, providing a bit of cheer for his fellow strandees. Another trucker brought his guitar into the driver’s lounge and performed a live acoustic show for everyone there.

“That was just cool, because when you’re stranded, you’re miserable,” says Payne. “My first year here, we had some drivers who were stuck for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Freshly refreshed

Whether waiting out a storm or simply passing through, drivers find the showers a welcome retreat from the rigors of the road. Revamped last year to deliver a more spa-like atmosphere, the spaciousness and amenities are much appreciated.

“Our staff makes sure drivers using the showers have everything they need,” says Payne. That includes plenty of those large and fluffy orange towels.

Takin’ it home

Server Linda Clement has come to know a lot of drivers in her years of working at the Limon TA and she always greets them with a smile.

“I treat them like they’re at home. I have a lot of buddies who come in just to see me every week and eat,” says Clement. “We have people who come in from the north corner of Colorado who stop in just to get some taffy. And the Farmer’s Omelet smothered in gravy always brings them back too.”

The local connection

Drivers can get to know a lot of Limon townspeople at the TA. The “Little Old Ladies of Limon” meet once a month at the restaurant to celebrate birthdays and the Lion’s Club holds its meeting there as well. The Limon coffee drinkers never miss a morning at the TA to sip coffee and solve the problems of the town.

The Basics
Limon, Colo. TA

Where: I-70 & Hwy 24, Exit 359
Phone: (719) 775-2811
Fax: (719) 775-2713
Showers: 8
Truck Parking Spaces: 104
Restaurants: Country Pride Restaurant, Subway

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