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Short Runs

By on July 1, 2008
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Fitting fitness into a day’s schedule is the dilemma we all face. Exercising is tough after long hours of working, but a missing component for far too many people in America. Those who struggle to find a good chunk of time to set aside for exercise can manage to get an effective workout done in just 15-20 minutes prior to starting work for the day and 15-20 minutes after work is done for the day. Even if that exercise is a simple walk before breakfast and after dinner, a 15-20 minute walk twice a day can significantly help you burn calories that would otherwise wind up getting stored as fat.

One of the best ways to mix two short workouts into your day is to do some form of cardio like walking, jogging or biking first thing in the morning. Then after dinner, take 15-20 minutes doing a variety of calisthenics like pushups, crunches, squats and/or weights with the dumbbells. This will help you catch that second wind and energize you for a few more hours if you need to drive more in the evening. In fact, after any meal, a light walk and some calisthenics will help you to be more energized and alert.

Here are a few easy-to-use products you can use on the road that don’t take up much room:

Perfect Pushup

If you like doing pushups as part of your workout, you will love the Perfect Pushup. Two discs with rotating handles take the strain off of your wrists and keep your push-up form at its peak. It challenges your shoulders safely and cuts your repetition ability in half therefore shortening your workout if pressed for time. It can be found in major stores or online at It was invented by a Navy SEAL buddy of mine.

The TRX was invented by another former Navy SEAL to help his teammates exercise when deployed. The TRX can be found at and by far is one of the most versatile devices ever. More than 200 exercises can be done using the straps that are easily attached to your truck. Though not cheap, it is worth the money.


One of the least expensive workout devices is the dumbbell. You can exercise every muscle by doing squats, lunges, crunches with weight, bicep curls, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, back rows, and many, many more. Typically, the dumbbell can be found for about 50 cents a pound.

Resistance bands

Another way to work your muscles is to use resistance bands which are basically rubber bands you can attach to any location in or outside your truck. The same exercises that can be done with dumbbells and more physical therapy type exercises can be added by using the bands.

Calisthenics and walking

Who needs equipment to exercise? I am a big fan of using the body as the weight to work your legs, arms, chest, abs and back. I have written books and other programs with only calisthenics because they work. If you ever noticed that military guys are in shape after boot camp or SEAL Training, you should know that they got that way without using any equipment other than a pullup bar, the ground, and a place to walk or run.

Whatever exercise you choose, stick to it and you will see results. Adding a short workout after meals will help you fight storing calories as fat, plus it will help you feel more alert and have more energy in your day.

Tell us how you stay in shape while on the road. Email Stew Smith at and your answers will help create The Top Ten Ways to Stay in Shape on the Road for a future issue of Road King.

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