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Sizable Improvement

By on July 1, 2009
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“It’s beautiful now,” says the Vero Beach TA store  manager Jim Young.

The location on the Eastern coast of Florida recently celebrated its grand opening in a new and improved form. “Actually we stayed open while rebuilding almost the entire place,” says Young. “It took a year and nine months; a huge renovation. This place was built in the early 1970s and we really needed a facelift.”

Aside from the new sparkle, the services for drivers have been significantly expanded. There are nine brand new showers. The shop grew from two service bays to six service bays. A food court with Popeyes and Subway was added. The restaurant has a new all-you-can-eat buffet with a huge selection at every meal.

“The drivers think it’s great,” says Young. “We were really small before the renovation. Now we’re able to give our customers more of everything.”

Setting the scene
The landscaping got just as much attention as the buildings. Vero Beach is known for its lush vegetation and gorgeous tropical flowers, and that natural beauty was woven into the revamped TA.

Stay a While
Great weather, a nearby beach and friendly people always made this a place where drivers liked to hang around when possible. Now it’s truly tough to leave. Clean up in one of the new showers. Put a load of clothes in for a good wash and dry in the new laundry room. Then grab a filling all-you-can-eat meal at the remodeled Country Pride.

Good Eats
Food server Darcy Eger enjoys seeing the reaction to the new restaurant. Drivers are first impressed by the décor, but stay impressed by the menu. “All of it is a big, big improvement,” Eger says. “The look, the different food. It’s so much better.”

Be a Player
Step into the game room to check out the new video games — a target shooting game even has prize tickets if you win. They can be redeemed in the store or restaurant.

Meet Silvy
Regulars quickly come to know and appreciate the cheery hello that they get from Silvy Mar at the fuel desk. “I’m a very sociable person, “ she says. “I like all the interaction. It’s fun, and I’m also helping people out.”

The Basics
Vero Beach TA
Where: I-95 & St. Rte. 60, Exit 147
Phone: (772) 562-1792
Fax: (772) 569-0433
Truck Parking:  162
Showers: 9
Service Bays: 6
Restaurants: Country Pride, Subway, Popeyes


Three years ago, some people worried about the transition to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). With 2007 engines requiring the new fuel, concerns were raised about availability. Would the supply flow steadily? Would drivers know what they were getting?

TA had a detailed rollout plan early on, and has been a leader in ULSD. Drivers can find ULSD at all but eight locations now, and 100 percent availability is expected by year’s end.

“The Environmental Protection Agency mandated an 80 percent shift to ULSD in the refining system, and gave the industry until May 2010 to comply,” says Tom Komos, vice president of fuel supply and marketing. “As our fueling customers now have a larger percentage of 2007 and later engines, TA continues to add ULSD to the remaining locations, in response to customer requirements.”

Refineries may still produce as much as 20 percent low sulfur diesel, so it will remain part of the supply chain until the May 2010 deadline for 100 percent compliance. “We move very deliberately in making the conversion to ULSD so that we know there is a steady supply of fuel,” says Komos. “We always try to be sure, if a particular TA does not offer ULSD, that a nearby site does have that product choice for our customers who require the new fuel.”

Check the Location and Amenities Guide (pp. 45-54) for current ULSD availability at TA locations and, for the most up-to-date  information on ULSD availability.

Star in the Food Court
The Bloomsburg TA has had a few well-known people drop in over the years. But in April Subway employees were thrilled to see their very own celebrity — Jared Fogle, the man who lost 245 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches. He had a ham sandwich, chips and a diet soda.

Still More Bang for the Buck
Here’s one more reason to choose TA for your electronics purchases. A low-priced, two-year warranty is now available on just about any electronics product that TA sells. Protect-it is exclusive to TA. The plan covers 100 percent parts and labor for repairs on TVs, cameras, navigation systems and more.

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