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By on July 1, 2008
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With the increasing number of smoking bans sweeping across the country, smokers are finding creative ways to get their nicotine fix. And companies are taking notice with some unique products of their own.

Smoke-free tobacco has taken on a new form in Ariva and Stonewall, dissolvable compressed powder tobaccos. You don’t have to chew, spit or stick on a patch to get the nicotine and can even opt for  wintergreen- or java-flavored blends. Ariva contains 1.5 mg of nicotine, the amount found in one cigarette, while Stonewall packs 4 mg a pop and is geared more to those who dip tobacco.

Smokeless cigarettes are also available, many containing no tobacco and just 0.5 mg of nicotine. They simulate smoking without actually lighting up.

If you have to go longer periods without a cigarette, a patch can release nicotine into the body in a steady stream.

Nicotine gum, which is available over the counter, might work for those who need it for just a short time. Each piece typically contains 2-4 mg of tobacco, enough to get you through to the next cigarette-friendly spot. “Gum is less hazardous than smoking,” says Patrick Reynolds, grandson of tobacco company founder RJ Reynolds. The founder of Foundation for a Smokefree America has other tips to try to get through a smoke-free spell that don’t involve tobacco.

“Smokers can drink a lot of water or do deep breathing exercises, but only if they are not driving or overly fatigued,” he says. “Inhale deeply and exhale slowly to get through the craving.”

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