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By on January 1, 2010
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Who gets excited at the sight of a minivan? A bear.

These furry food foragers in Yosemite National Park let the RVs and compact cars pass with barely a second look, but when a minivan starts rolling down their roads, the park bears pounce. Officials speculate that most minivan drivers are families with children who keep a generous supply of juice boxes, cereal and other food on hand. The scents waft into the woods, and the bears do what comes naturally. They reach in for a snack.

These intruders are smarter than the average bear. They go right to the back window of the minivan, pop it open with a flick of the paw, and grab the food they want. While these stories are amusing in the telling, the encounters can be frightening. Park officials suggest that visitors always store their food in food lockers, keeping the tempting food smells contained.

So, harried fathers now have one more argument against giving in and buying the dreaded minivan. Does anyone know how moose feel about sports cars?

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