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Social Media 101

By on October 28, 2010
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Facebook users create profiles with photos, lists of personal interests, contact and other information. Participants have several ways of communicating with each other through private or publicly-posted messages or a chat feature. Users can also create a page for a company, organization or special interest group as a means of promotion and marketing, or “like” one of these pages to get news and information updates.

Truckers can find pages from Freightliner, Mack Trucks (and Mack the Bulldog, for fun), Kenworth and Peterbilt, OOIDA, American Trucking Associations, TA, Petro and more.


Drivers can also connect with other truckers, customers, potential customers and business connections who maintain Facebook pages., a business-oriented social networking site, allows users to maintain a list of people they have worked with at some time, either as colleagues or as customer/vendor. The idea is to see who your connections are connected to, asking for introductions or recommendations. Users can also join specific groups to communicate and discuss details about their businesses’ common interests.

Some of the trucking business groups include: Small Motor Carriers Business Community, A Truckload, Trucking, Logistics, Supply Chain, 3PL, Distribution Group, FREE Truck Load Posting Group, TMCA – The Transportation Marketing & Communications Association, Transportation Insurance Forum, Women In Trucking and more.

Anybody can start their own group.

Twitter is a microblog site used to provide short communications to followers. Twitter revolves around the principle of ‘followers.’

You choose to follow another Twitter user, that user’s tweets (140-character messages) appear on your main Twitter page.

Con-Way Freight’s TweetLoad lets carriers see the company’s latest available shipments, with links to more information. It is updated every 15 minutes.

Other Twitterers of interest to drivers: Peterbilt Motor Company, DOT Safety, TA and Petro.

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